Is renting out your garage legalTurn the extra space on your property or anywhere within your realm of ownership into money. That empty basement or unused barn in the back of your property are both unused money-makers. However, there are some steps that must be taken to prepare that space for optimal storage.

Not all spaces are created equal. A guest room is a much different storage space than a leaky basement. Both spaces are viable, but both spaces need to be prepared differently. This is the case with the millions of different types of spaces that could become storage spaces. Rather than go through the how to prep each space specifically, we will tell you the 3 Rules of Thumb with Preparing Storage Spaces.

1. Clean

Clean Garage Floor and then Waterproof It
Clean Garage Floor and then Waterproof It

This first rule is very simple: cleanliness. Clean spaces for good items. Before you can open the space up to renters, the space needs to be deep cleaned. This is important for a guest room or a barn. Scrub and deep clean carpet and wood. Hose down garage floors. If you have a barn, consider getting wood to cover the ground and serve as protection from critters. As you clean, look for any spaces where rodents or water can get in and seal those areas. Rodents and water completely destroy storage items and thus can be a problem in the future.

2. Organized

Create an organization plan for yourself. Plans help keep the area and your sanity intact. You will be able to clearly determine how many and what kind of items you can take on. Define your spaces and indicate the purpose of each space. Creating this plan and catering it to the space type will also help you to decide what cannot inhabit your storage space. For example, electronics should not be in a space without climate control. If you have multiple spaces available, you can allot space in your climate controlled areas for electronics. Aside from pairing items from the same renter together, pair items of the same type together. For example, put gardening equipment near other gardening equipment.

3. Element Prevention

Elements are yet another force that can damage items in storage. Water can create rust on items or eat away at fabrics. Sunlight can bleach away color. Harsh colds can freeze and damage pipes. Waterproof areas that come into close contact with water or have a history of leaks. Basements are most guilty of leaking. It can be helpful for some spaces to cover the windows and prevent sunlight from entering the space. Cover these spaces with dark curtains or newspaper and tape, depending on your budget. In addition, Climate control is more difficult to create. Most spaces with air conditioning do not need extra climate control measures. However, most barns and some basements need climate control elements installed.

Any space can become a storage space if it is prepared properly. Your garage and tool shed no longer have to be wasted space.These three rules will start the process of turning those empty spaces into money makers. Hopperstock can help you find renters to fill those spaces.

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