Rent your space out to help fund your 4-wheeler hobby.

When the weekend rolls around, there’s only one place your family wants to be: off-road, wheels on the ground, and powering towards an unexplored yet to soon to be favorite new wooded destination. Your family isn’t the type to be happy lying around on the couch binge watching Netflix on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon. After all, for a family of weekend warriors, weekends were meant to be conquered.
Congratulations. Getting the family to love the outdoors while spending time together is an admiral accomplishment. You’d love to go 4-wheeling every weekend if you could, but gas, gear, and maintenance on those ATV’s are expensive. Become a Hopperstock storage host and start earning money to help fund your 4-wheeler hobby while supporting the community at the same time with surprisingly little effort.

What Can You Rent Out?

If you have extra space you can rent it out, and you’ll never know how lucrative that space can be until you list it.

You can rent out garages, your parking space, an unused basement, or extra room in your house. You can rent out all of your driveway, or just a portion of it. Do you have a lot of property, or extra yard space? That extra space could be the answer to a neighbor’s storage problem. If you have extra space you can rent it out, and you’ll never know how lucrative that space can be until you list it.
In your weekend excursions, you’ve probably made friends and connections with people of obvious like-minded interests and values—other weekend warriors who have too much stuff and not enough places to store them. What if you could help them while helping yourself at the same time?


Becoming a storage host is simple. Once you’ve identified a beneficial space or multiple spaces to rent, register it on Hopperstock. In just a few steps, you will have it listed and ready to start earning money. Potential renters will find you through the website and soon they will be paying you for doing little more than providing a space for them to store their things. That’s it. It’s like having a part time job without having to go to work. Easy money doesn’t get much easier.

Help Build Community

Good maintenance requires winterizing your 4 wheeler

By renting out your property, you can help others, make extra income, and teach your kids responsible entrepreneurship all at the same time. The sharing economy business model is unique in that it’s based on building fellowship and trust between those in need and those who can help. Neighbors helping neighbors is what it’s all about. By having a peer to peer rental, you can show your kids the value of supporting your community while earning a dollar. Renting space out can be a simple and worthy family business that helps fund the 4-wheeler hobby that you all love.

With our growing population, space is becoming the ultimate precious commodity. If you have the extra space, take advantage of it. Start putting your garage or basement to work for you so can you spend more time outdoors with your family and less time worrying about how to pay for it.

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