The sharing economy business model has exploded onto the market with innovative companies like Airbnb, Uber, Lyft, and TaskRabbit that are redefining what it means to be an entrepreneur. By renting your storage space you can take advantage of this expanding new trend. If you haven’t yet considered how this exciting way of conducting business can benefit you (besides putting extra cash in your pocket!) read on.

1- Help Others and Help Your Community

The two guys who started Airbnb came up with the idea after a conference came to town and booked up every hotel in San Francisco. They decided to help out three desperate travelers without lodging by letting them crash on a mattress in their apartment. In return, the three grateful lodgers paid them $80 a piece. The rest is history. It pays to be a decent person. Right now, you have neighbors in the same kind of predicament. They have too much stuff, no where to put it, and you have the extra storage space. Make your own history and do something nice for someone (and yourself).


Some potential hosts have concerns about renters who might overstay their welcome. If you are a storage host, you have control over the duration of the lease. You can rent for as little as a week or up to a year or more. It’s up to you. Of course, if making money is your goal, you’re going to want to keep your unit occupied for as long as someone is willing to pay you for it. But if long term relationships make you squeamish, it isn’t a problem. When you list your space you can determine the length of the lease right up front so there isn’t any confusion for the renter.

3-Meet New People, Make New Friends

One of the most rewarding benefits of being a storage host is meeting new people. Having a mutually beneficial relationship, such as the relationship between renter and host, tends to bring out the good in people. A large network of friends and acquaintances is the hallmark of a thriving community. Particularly if you have shared interests, such as boating, 4-wheeling, cars and motorcycles. Neighbors helping neighbors while building a strong community is what’s unique and awesome about the sharing economy business model.

And if you’re more of the solitary type? Not a problem. In some cases, long term renters may only come out to their leased storage unit a handful of times a year. The amount and type of interaction with your renters is entirely up to you.

4-Help the Environment

You’ve seen them: sprawling commercial storage facilities that take up acres of clear-cut land and consist of nothing but ugly block structures. The sharing business model of Hopperstock is environmental conservation at it’s best. There is no threat of deforestation, no loss of animal habitat or oxygen producing trees; nothing is being consumed or destroyed, and no toxic byproducts are being discarded into the already overtaxed atmosphere and landfills. There is nothing new being built, only repurposed and recycled. It doesn’t get more earth friendly or more responsible than that.

5-Extra Income

Depending on factors like location, amenities, and square footage, your listed storage space can bring in anything from a few hundred dollars to several hundred dollars in a short amount of time. While all of the above are important benefits of becoming a storage host, it isn’t wrong to earn a few bucks at the same time. That’s the whole concept of a mutually beneficial sharing economy. Check out the registration page to see how you can take advantage of these benefits now.

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