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What Is HopperStock?

HopperStock is a Peer to Peer Storage Marketplace. Our unique platform allows anyone who has some extra space to rent it out as Self Storage Space.You can Rent Out Your Parking Space, Garage Space, or any extra space and earn money weekly. This also allows others to rent out the parking space or unused space for their storage needs.

A lot of people are learning more about our Peer to Peer Storage Marketplace and realize there is a huge benefit to go through a trustworthy community than going through the Self Storage giants.

Why Use HopperStock?

There are major benefits to for anyone to use our Peer to Peer Storage Marketplace to rent out their parking space or unused space to others.

The first reason people choose to use our p2p platform is because we create a win-win for everyone in our community.

Storage Hosts rent out their parking space, garage, basement, attic or any space they have available and earn quick cash weekly, while the renter saves a tremendous amount of money and gets to store their belongings inside a trustworthy safe, reliable space.

We have found most storage hosts like to rent out their space to others is to help make ends meet by paying their cell phone bill, or their mortgage, or simply save for a vacation. If they have extra space they are not using, why not make some money from it?

The reason people who rent through our Peer to Peer Storage Marketplace is because they find it is a lot easier to simply input a zip code, find a highly reviewed storage host and rent out their unit and save over 50% week after week, month and month with NO CONTRACT!

For Storage Hosts

If you wanted to rent out your parking space, basement, garage or any other space and earn some money, than our p2p platform is going to be perfect for you.

We allow you to create a profile 100% free and add a unit 100% free. The entire process takes a total of 5 minutes tops.

One huge tip we can give you when renting out your space is to submit a photo along with listing. We find you have a 66% higher chance of renting out to renters.

link To become a storage host click here

For Renters

Have you found yourself in need of some extra space to store your belongings, or would like to find a place to park your car?

Then you should love using our Peer to Peer Storage Marketplace to find Storage Hosts who are renting out their parking space or any extra space.

One of the biggest benefits of using our p2p platform is because it allows the renter (you) to save over 50% and you never have to worry about committing to any type of contract.

Here are some simple steps to start renting out empty spaces an saving money.

1st. On the home page or search page you will want to use a zip code where you want to store your belongings.

2nd. Review all the different available units & pick one that matches what you are looking for.

3rd. Check the reviews

4th. Reserve the specific dates you need

5th. Lastly you are going to check out using your paypal account.

One of the biggest worries people have is what if they do not like the Storage Host. Luckily, HopperStock does not release any of the funds to the Storage Host until 3 days after you store your belongings within their unit or you rent out their parking space. This gives you adequate time to request a refund.

link To become a storage host click here

Here are some tips

We wanted to give out a few helpful tips when searching for a unit or when you decide to rent out your parking space.

Let’s start with the renters.

We would like to express our interest in ensuring you pick the storage unit that fits you best and there is nothing better than to pick a unit that has a photo up. This way you can tell what quality the unit is and if it is capable of holding exactly what you are looking for.

Another big tip, is when you reserve a unit using our Peer to Peer Storage Market Place, you will get contact information for your Storage Host. We highly recommend to ask any questions through our internal messaging system, so there is no guess work in the future.

Now a few quick tips for Storage Hosts

The number one tip we can give you is to make sure you are posting a photo of your unit. This allows the renters know exactly what you are offering. We have done the numbers and a storage host is 66% more likely to rent out their unit if they have a photo or multiple photos submitted.

Next, you should give great detail on your unit you are offering such as amenities, any rules you have in place, and even a few hints on what the renter could possibly store.

Lastly, make sure you understand you are on a Peer To Peer Storage Market Place, which means you are part of a community who is trying to help people out. Yes, you can pick whatever weekly rate you want, but you should understand, our renters do not want to pay what they would pay if they used a traditional storage unit. Our recommendation is to try to price your unit at about 50% less than regular storage units. That is why we have a price automatically populate which represents a price at about 50% less than any competitor.

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