Unemployment happens to the best of us and the worst of us. It could be because of personal and external factors. Whether you are unemployed or employed, the bills are going to pile up, and that’s a nasty sight. In Ohio itself, more than 50% unemployed people are looking for jobs. Most of these are above the age of 30 – making it difficult for them to take up jobs at the root level.

People will nod and understand when you tell them the reason you are currently between jobs – you decided to upgrade your skills, the dead-end job you worked in doesn’t seem that cool anymore, you hate your co-worker’s attitude – but the bills won’t. These piling bills will not be a problem if you have planned out your unemployment. If you have a nest-egg kept off, you could utilize that money until you get back on your feet. However, if there’s no nest-egg to pay off those bills, you could find it difficult to make ends meet. There’s every chance that you take the next employment opportunity just because you have bills to pay. That’s a very wrong career choice. It could take you years to reach the level that you are in your career and it could also mean that you’re burning out faster than you are supposed to.

Learn what to do in between jobs – You can rent out properties now!

It doesn’t make sense to move from one dead-end job to another just because you need money to pay for your groceries and electricity bill. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way.

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Even if you are unemployed because of external circumstances, it is not the end of the road. While there will be many who are facing unemployment, some will sooner or later smart up to the many opportunities available.  We live in an age where peddling yourself to an office and then working a day job isn’t the only way to make money. With growing platforms and the ever-growing list of services that are required and offered, one could begin to make money working from home quicker and easier. Here are some ways that you can make money while you are between jobs and unemployed.


Freelancing can pay a lot to people with the right skillsets and attitude. If you have the professional experience, you can take a pretty good pay-packet. Even if you don’t, think of it as working to keep your resume current and updated.  It’s easy to get on the freelance market today. Several websites provide you information about the freelance opportunities that are available locally and internationally. Freelancing is also a great way to learn something while being on the job. You will find many companies and individuals looking to provide work from home opportunities.  You could always take up non-critical jobs and get some hands-on experience on an entirely new line of work – surely that’s going to go on your updated resume, right?

Rent out property

Yes, we do go tend to go the extra mile when purchasing a house and it’s a good thing to do – because you always have some spare space in your house or your backyard or your garage. You might have plans for this room or this space later in life. Right now, it can pay for itself if you rent it out either to stay or to work. With so many lean companies starting up, there’s always a requirement for real estate – whether for out-of-state professionals who are looking for employment or companies that are looking to set up offices.

Rent out storage space

We all have days when we just don’t want to interact with people, and some have months or even years that they wish to be left alone. People who are unemployed or between jobs might not be very comfortable staying with tenants. One good choice for them is to rent out their existing property that they don’t use as storage space. By renting out space for storage, you are only liable to keep inanimate objects – a lot less fuss than allowing people to venture into your private space.

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These are some popular ways of making money while unemployed and not just speed-through solutions or bandages to help your financial situation. Several people have given up on their day job and are working as consultants and freelancers for the biggest names in their line of work. If you are money-wise, you can make a sweet amount by renting out rooms and other spaces on your property. When it comes to storage space, don’t be surprised if you find people in and around Ohio like Lake County setting up their real estate in such a way that they have space for storage rentals already. After all, big properties are quite common in the Ohio area.

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