Within the last decade, Airbnb has become a popular way for people to earn extra income by letting people stay in their house. Sounds nice, but what if you don’t have a posh vacation-worthy extra bedroom? And what if you don’t want to have complete strangers staying in your house?

Don’t fret. There’s an easier way to take advantage of the sharing economy business model without having to worry about buying guest towels, stocking complimentary bottles of water, or letting strangers sleep in your home.

Becoming a storage host is an easy way to pay off those tired student loans without a lot of effort. All you need is a some extra space and a small amount of time to let people pay you to store their stuff. It’s about the easiest “part time job” you can get to pay down those student loans and start living a debt free life.

People love to buy things. The problem comes when they don’t have enough space to store all the things that they buy. That’s where you come in. People helping others is the backbone of this type of business. A garage, storage shed, spare bedroom, basement, or even a driveway, are all perfect storage real estate. What about outside your house? Do you have a large yard or live on unused acres of land? Someone right now is looking for a place for their boat and RV storage for the winter and you could be the answer to their prayers (and they can be the answer to your pesky student loan problem).
Becoming a storage host is easy and it’s free to sign up.

How it works and how to get started:

Once you’ve figured out what space (or spaces! You can list more than one space at the same time, and double your earning potential) you think would be most beneficial to rent, clean it up, take a few pictures, and then head over to hopperstock to list it. The site will ask you to upload your pictures and write a short description about the space. It will then give you a suggested weekly rental price.
How it works for the renter is easy too. Say someone lives in a condo and wants to buy a couple of 4-wheelers, but doesn’t have anywhere to store them. They can search the Hopperstock site for their desired zip-code and see the available listings. When they see a space they like, they can reserve it with a credit or debit card. Payments are released three days after the renter has met with the host and stored their things with them.

How much money can you make?

It depends on where your space is and what amenities you have to offer. Average storage hosts can make a few thousand dollars a year. This is an awesome side-hustle with relatively little overhead that most people don’t even know about. You already have the space, why not put it to work? Stop worrying, and head on over to Hopperstock to see how much of a dent you can make in your student loans today.

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