Get a High Rating: Don’t Be Like These Hosts

Becoming a storage host is normally a low-stress mutually agreeable partnership. You have extra space to rent out, and somebody else needs that extra space. You solve each other’s problems through a simple monetary transaction, and life is a little bit easier for everyone. Occasionally, problems do arise and someone fails to rise to the […]

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Easier than Airbnb: Become a Storage Host as an Easy Way to Pay Off Student Loans

Within the last decade, Airbnb has become a popular way for people to earn extra income by letting people stay in their house. Sounds nice, but what if you don’t have a posh vacation-worthy extra bedroom? And what if you don’t want to have complete strangers staying in your house?  Don’t fret. There’s an easier […]

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College Storage: What to do with your Kid’s Stuff When They Leave

Now that it’s August, thousands of young adults are gearing up to go away to college in just a few weeks. That leaves you with a college storage problem. Maybe you’re willing to preserve their bedroom just as they left it, awaiting their return next summer. But more likely than not, you’re already dreaming up […]

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Controversies Aside, the Self-Storage Sharing Economy is Booming

            Media Contact: Jason Marzec Phone: (216) 952-2512 Email: CLEVELAND, OH—August 02, 2018—With the self-storage industry making a whopping 38 billion dollars in the US in 2017, it isn’t surprising that it has now expanded to find a comfortable place at the sharing economy table as well. Self-storage has […]

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Hopperstock Creates Peer-to-Peer Self-Storage Business Geared for Weekend Warriors and Outdoor Enthusiasts

Media Contact: Jason Marzec Phone: (216) 952-2512 Email:   CLEVELAND, OH—June 2, 2018— Hopperstock, a Cleveland based company, has made a business out of encouraging outdoor enthusiasts, weekend warriors, and other hobbyists of large and hard-to-store equipment helping each other out.   It works like this: Let’s say Nick lives in a condo and […]

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How to Organize Your Self Storage Unit

I knew a couple who moved almost once a year for four consecutive years. Because of this, they had at least three storage units filled with stuff that they didn’t want to get rid of but wasn’t important enough to bring into their current house. Occasionally, the need for some obscure item would arise; a […]

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