How to Pay for Your Vacation and Get Organized at the Same Time

It’s not too late make a cash grab for a last minute well-earned vacation. If you have a garage that’s doing nothing besides hiding some old boxes of junk, you could be making money on that space while doing nothing else but cleaning it out and stepping up your home organization. Renting out space for […]

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How to Store Comic Books or Vintage Magazines

Many years ago I made a purchase at a little nerdy comic book store next to where I worked. It was my first post-college job, I had some extra money, and I wanted to impress my (then) comic book obsessed boyfriend with a fabulous Christmas present. The comic book was The X-Men, issue #1 from […]

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How to Rent Out Your Basement for Storage

A garage or other free-standing building on your property can make an excellent storage rental unit, but an unused basement in your home can be just as lucrative. Here is a Step-By-Step guide on how to rent out your basement and become a storage host, attract renters, and start making money. Step 1- Zoning, Codes, […]

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How To Rent Out Your Garage

Renting out your garage is a severely easy way to bring in some extra monthly income. Just sit back and let people pay you to store their stuff in your garage. Not a bad gig. That is, once you have a renter. If you have a garage that you think would make a good rental […]

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Searching Warehouse for Rent? Smaller Units May be a Good Place to Start

With the Ohio real estate market booming, businesses are outsourcing to nearby smaller storage units rather than a large expensive warehouse for rent. If you need a warehouse primarily as a holding facility, then self-storage units might have the advantage. Storage units can hold inventory, office supplies, furniture, paperwork, tax documents, or whatever is cluttering […]

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How to De-Winterize your RV 

Have you already booked your favorite RV parks for the summer? Great! Whether you’ve been storing your RV outside during the winter or were lucky enough to secure indoor RV storage, it’s time to dust away the cobwebs, fill the tank up with gas, and map out your next adventure.  Here are some steps to […]

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