Summer is almost upon us. That means it’s time for people to start rolling out their campers, boats, 4-wheelers, and RVs. This could be the summer that you start laying plans to earn money to buy a boat and join them. What if you found out there was way to build passive extra income to buy that boat that you’ve always wanted? Finding extra funds might be easier than you think.

You might think that you would have to sell your house or vacate it to renters in order to earn income from your house. Nope. You have desirable income generating real estate already existing within your current property and you don’t need to move in order to access it. Whether you live in a large house on several acres or a townhouse in the city, you could be sitting on a goldmine and not even realize it.

Rent Out Extra Space in Your Home

Rental storage space is a hot commodity right now. The reason is because people are buying more and more things all the time while running out of places to store them. Take advantage of the peer to peer sharing economy by helping others, people who are like you who love the outdoors and outdoor activities but just don’t have enough space to support their hobbies. If you have the space, you can help them, and help yourself by earning passive income to buy that boat you’ve always wanted. It’s a win/win situation.

What types of space can you rent out?

Basically, any unused space in your home or on your property that you are the rightful owner of or have lawful permission to sublet. (Don’t try to pull a fast one over your landlord and rent out space without them knowing. You’ll get in trouble and you’ll end up paying back all the money your earned, plus extra in legal fees. Don’t do it. Seriously.)

Here are some examples of good storage rental spaces that people are paying for right now:
Garage, separate or attached
Attic Basement
An Extra Bedroom
A large closet
Backyard shed
Extra yard space

If you have a big space, such as a double sized garage, large driveway, or big yard, it can possibly be subdivided into two or more spaces to earn double or triple the rent money.

Give Your House a Part Time Job!

Here’s how:

Once you’ve figured out what space on your property would be most beneficial to rent out it’s time to get it ready to start making money. Clean it up, take pictures of it from several angles, and measure the length and width of the space. Then log onto the Hopperstock registration page to list the space in just a few easy steps. Punch in your zip code and measurements and the site will automatically help you compute a fair and competitive rental price. Hopperstock will then match you with potential renters looking for space to rent in your area. In no time, you and the renter can start communicating and begin a mutually beneficial working relationship.

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