Cleaning Items After Storage
Cleaning Items After Storage

As the showers bring in the first signs of the coming spring, adventurers far and wide ready themselves for an exciting time. Spring is not just the time for renewal. It is also the time to shake off the cold of winter and take your adventure gear and clean your items after storage.

In some parts of the United States, the weather is becoming riddled with rain and snow. The number of rainy days is increasing. The temperatures are starting to rise and the rain has become an old friend that seems like he will never leave your side. The rain is pushing out the cold of winter to signify the fact that winter is coming to an end. Spring is on its way. It is time to clean your items after storage.

Your cars, RVs, boats and so much more have been hibernating in storage for months. During these last few cold months as everyone has been celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas, these items have gone dormant and gathered dust. The dust has settled into the gears your ATV. Your car grew a gray hue covering. The time to awaken the beasts within your adventure gear is almost upon us.  As you pull these items out of their slumber, you will wipe the dust away from the ATV gears and wash the gray covering off of your car. It is imperative to clean items after storage.

Adventure preparation - Post Storage
Adventure preparation – Post Storage

Removing your items from storage without preparing them for such a change can damage your items. It would be akin to waking a bear out of hibernation early or making a baby walk before he or she is ready. A bear that comes out of hibernation early will be without food and starve. The action could be a death sentence. If you try to make a baby walk before he or she has even crawled, you will never succeed and risk setting the child back further than ever before.

You must take the time to wash and prepare your items before you officially remove them from storage. These steps are crucial for the longevity of your item. If you do not clean your ATV properly, it could put more wear and tear on the mechanisms, shortening its shelf life. The same would go for a dust-covered car. Aside from the car being dirty and unkempt, the dust could damage the paint over a long period of time.

Cars and ATVs are common items that people have questions on when it comes to cleaning after storage. However, many of our clients have questions on other items as well.  We know that there are special steps required for snowboards, boats, and RVs. We’ll go over everything from How to De-Winterize Your RV to the Post Winter Storage Car Checklist.

For those of you that live quieter lives but still need to remove things from storage, we have articles, like How to Clean Furniture Post Storage, on how to clean any items that may not be akin to a hibernating adventure beast.

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