All around your home lay opportunities for you to make money. Before you can rent it out, however, you must focus first on cleaning out storage space. As you look around, it might be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start to get ready to rent out your home. These articles below are meant to help you focus and follow the easy steps for preparing your space to rent it out.

Cleaning out storage space

From quickly cleaning out your space, to where to put all your stuff, we help you through the process to make it as easy and streamlined as possible. Once you have cleaned out your space, it is time to get it prepared for your future tenants. All of these steps are outlined below, making the process of getting to the point of making money quick and easy.

clean out those boxes in your garage to make room for listing your space

Quickly cleaning out your garage

be sure to give your house a good deep clean before listing it for rentJust as there were three steps to prepare you space for renting it out, there are four steps we have identified that can help you to quickly clean out your garage so that you can quickly get it listed for rent. If you have the space, the easiest way to clean out your garage is to completely clear it out. This way you can touch every single item in your garage and decide quickly where it should go.

Create four piles: keep, toss, donate, and sell. If this is especially hard, you can also create a maybe pile to go through later. But for right now, you are trying to get through it all quickly. Once you have everything out and decide where it is going. Give your garage a good cleaning and repair any shelves or doors that might need it.

Now you are ready to take some quality photos and list them on Hopperstock, soon your garage will be making you money each month.

Where to put your stuff

As you clean out your garage, or any space you want to rent out, you need to decide where you are going to put everything you clean out. You make your four piles and then delegate your items accordingly. The toss items go straight out to the curb, the donation items need to immediately go into the back of your car so you aren’t tempted to take it back in your home.

For the items you think you can make some of your money back with, try listing them on Craigslist or LetGo. There are plenty of online marketplaces for your used items. You might as well make some money while cleaning out your garage. In the end, it doesn’t really matter if you donate, sell, or toss your unused junk. The important part is clearing out your space and getting it ready to rent.

Preparing your space

You can turn any extra space into a money-making machine, however, you can charge top dollar for spaces that have been prepared in advance. So, how can you prepare your space to optimize the amount you can charge? According to this article on preparing your space for renting it out, there are three steps you can take.

These three steps include cleaning it out, organizing it and protecting it from the elements. To read more about these steps, check out the article. Once you have done these three steps, you too can rent out your extra space on Hopperstock for top dollar.

Unfinished basements

Even an unfinished basement can be a useful space. So, instead of trying to set up a dark home gym you will probably never use anyway, why not list your basement on HopperStock and rent it out instead. Add some shelves and lighting, and you have a great space to rent out. Your unfinished basement is full of potential. Once you have followed the three steps listed above to prepare your space, you can start earning extra money – even in an unfinished basement. The possibilities are endless, all you have to do is look around your home to find the unused spaces you can rent out.

Trying to figure out how to clean out your whole house or garage can be overwhelming. However, if you follow the easy to implement steps in the articles above you can quickly and easily work your way through your home. Cleaning it out and organizing can help in preparing your space for renting it out and making extra money each month.

Once you have adequately prepared your space for renting it out, you can start listing it on HopperStock. You will be making extra money in no time, making all that work in cleaning out your garage worth the time and effort.

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