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CLEVELAND, OH—June 2, 2018— Hopperstock, a Cleveland based company, has made a business out of encouraging outdoor enthusiasts, weekend warriors, and other hobbyists of large and hard-to-store equipment helping each other out.

It works like this: Let’s say Nick lives in a condo and has always wanted to buy a 4-wheeler but it was never a practical purchase because of obvious storage space limitations. Bob has an old barn on his five acres of land that he hasn’t used in a decade and is having trouble saving money for retirement. Hopperstock connects the two for a mutually beneficial business relationship, and takes a small percentage of the transaction. Nick now has a safe and secure place to store his new 4-wheeler and Bob is making a little extra money to grow his nest egg. Everyone wins.

“Basically it is like Airbnb, but for self-storage,” says Jason Marzec, owner of Hopperstock and an Ohio native from the Cleveland area, who in 2017 recognized that this type of peer-to-peer market could be a huge benefit for both storage hosts and renters. “It is a platform to connect people with extra or unused space at their home with people who need extra space to place their belongings.”

At the heart of the business is the good old-fashioned concept of people helping people while enriching the community at the same time. This version of self-storage isn’t about finding a concrete box with a padlock to store your things in and then forget about them. It’s about getting to know the people in surrounding neighborhoods, listening to and learning from each other, and making the community stronger. And it’s good for the environment too. There is no land clearing to build wholesale storage unit facilities, as this business model repurposes existing structures that are no longer useful for their original purpose.

With personal space becoming harder and more expensive to come by, the peer-to-peer storage market may be just what a community with too many personal possessions and not enough personal interactions needs to thrive.

About Hopperstock

Hopperstock is a community storage marketplace for easy and reliable self-storage for everyone. Hopperstock allows you a straightforward and friendly solution for making use of your extra, unused storage space, or helping you to find secure and convenient storage space for your needs.

Hopperstock currently has over 80 local units in Cleveland but will be expanding nationwide in the near future.

For more information about becoming a storage host or if you need help locating a space to rent, please visit where you can get live and immediate assistance, or call Jason Marzec at (216) 952-2512.

If you would like more information about Hopperstock and the storage sharing economy, please call Jason Marzec at (216) 952-2512 or email

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