Collectible Items You Can Place in Storage

Collectible Items You Can Place in Storage

Collectible Items You Can Place in Storage

Valuables that You Can Store Away

Have a ton of Collector's Items But no Place to Store Them?

Learn which collectible items are able to be stored away in storage units and how to make sure they stay in good condition.

For many people who collect valuable items, it starts as a hobby then soon becomes a lifestyle. You hold on to the items because they hold some type of value (monetary or sentimental) or you simply cherish them and don’t want to part ways. After a while, the number of collectible items gets to be too much and you decide you need to declutter your space. While every item may not be put away, there are certain collectible items you can place in storage.

Collectible items range from cards, comic books, to action figures. With each item that you collect, there’s more space that you take up. Eventually, you have to look into storing your collectibles away and that could make you weary. Each collectible is different and has to be treated differently when stored away. There are a few factors that can affect the storage of your collectibles like the number of items you have, the space in the storage space, as well as the environmental elements.

Collectible Items You Can Place in Storage

Luckily, when you use peer storage rentals, you can hand pick the specific type of storage unit you want to keep your collectible items in. Whether it’s a garage or an extra room in someone’s empty home, there’s a storage space for your items. Check out how to store away some of the most popular collectible items:

1. Vinyl Records

Classic records aren’t just for collecting, they’re for playing too but eventually, you need to declutter your space. A garage storage unit may be the best option for your records since they can withstand different temperatures. The only thing you’ll need to make sure you have are wooden crates to place them in so they’re not stacked on top of one another and you can preserve the paper covering they come in.

2. Comic Books

Out of all collectible items, comic books have to be one of the most prized possessions. If you’re a collector of comic books then you know how important it is to keep your collectibles in amazing condition. Collector comic books are able to be stored in temperature controlled climates, so rooms that are turned into storage units are ideal for storage. You can also showcase your prized possessions and frame a few of the comic books.

3. Coins

You’re a money fanatic and while you’re really good at making money and spending it, you’re also great at collecting money. Going overseas and collecting the currency coins and bills is a collector’s hobby for many. But what happens when you have too many collector’s coins and running out of room? Coins are good to be stored in environments like a safe deposit box and a home or office space. Make sure that the temperature environments aren’t too harsh when storing away your coin collection.

4. Stamps

Collecting stamps is a hobby that has lasted through generations and times of travel. Similar to storing your comic books, stamps have to be taken care of and out of the way of extreme temperatures. You can store your stamp collection in a home or office space or in a garage.

Collectible Items You Can Place in Storage