Now that it’s August, thousands of young adults are gearing up to go away to college in just a few weeks. That leaves you with a college storage problem. Maybe you’re willing to preserve their bedroom just as they left it, awaiting their return next summer. But more likely than not, you’re already dreaming up a few awesome new ideas for that extra space.

Turn it into an office? Or a home gym? A craft room? Whatever! First things first, though, where are you going to store all their stuff while they’re gone?

It’s tempting to donate it to the Salvation Army or have a garage sale. True, that’s always an option. College, books, lab fees, and meal plans are expensive after all. But what about that comic book collection? Or their guitar or cello? That closet full of formal homecoming dresses? Their snowboards and ski equipment? Some of that stuff is not only nostalgic, but priceless in memories, and you’d be risking an ugly family war if you got rid of it.

You can’t send everything with them either. Dorm rooms are notoriously small. Not only that, but there are a lot of things that are definitely prohibited from campus housing.

That leaves you with two options: 1) Find a place to store all their stuff at home, or 2) Store their stuff at someone else’s place. Luckily for you, there are people right now willing and waiting to store your things.

You need the extra space, and they need the extra cash. Find space for rent at Hopperstock which is a neighbor helping neighbor facilitator. This peer to peer business exchange not only strengthens community ties, but it helps to keep the costs down at the same time since there are no large commercial warehouse overhead fees to compensate.

There are a lot of storage options available to you and your adult student. Find a convenient self storage space with Hopperstock instead of paying expensive fees for a commercial space. If your kid is far away at college, you might even be able to rent storage near their housing so that they can access their things easily and saving on gas.

And if you haven’t decided what to do what that extra space, how about becoming a storage host yourself? You can make extra income to the tune of a few thousand dollars in the nine month school year by renting out that empty room for storage purposes while your kid’s away at school. And you’d be helping others who are in the same predicament as you are.

It’s easy to do: If you’re looking for storage, check out this link to find reasonable rates at a location that’s convenient for you. You’re going to find it’s a lot cheaper and to rent through the peer to peer business model than through a commercial storage site.

If you want to rent your room out for storage and become a storage host for someone else in need, check this link here to learn how easy it easy to list your space and to find out how much money you can make by listing it.

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