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Are you always searching for Parking Space For Rent near Cleveland or maybe you are searching for extra space for storage, but you do not want to pay so much for those parking spots.


At HopperStock.Com we do our best to ensure people who would like to find unused space to use for storage, or park their car do not have to pay so much money. We have created a solution where you the renter can save over 50% or more using our peer to peer marketplace. This means, people who have the extra space such as parking spaces or extra space can rent it out on our platform to people who need the space.

We like to commit fully to facilitating the best possible experience for all of our users searching for Parking Space For Rent near Cleveland. From our Storage Hosts to our Renters, finding rental storage units for a temporary period of your choosing in your local area can be a friendly & easy process.

You can easily search by zip code to find any type of unique storage space from a garage where you can park you vehicle, to a basement where you can store your belongings. What is great is there is no contract. You can rent a space out for as little as 7 days. Some of the renters on HopperStock experience savings of up to 70% off compared to traditional self storage facilities. This is all because you are not renting from those overpriced places. You are renting from regular people just like you who are willing to help out others.

Our Community Storage Marketplace offers you the ability to instantly search by location and browse facilities, amenities, and different units to fit your budgets needs for renting indoor and outdoor storage units. You can learn more about How It Works here!

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    Here are Some Frequently Asked Questions

    For Renters

    A renter is someone who may need to store their belongings. This can be a car or boat for winter or anything that fits into a home. A renter can store anything.

    There are many benefits, but let’s stick with the 3 main ones
    First, you will save well over 30%-60% for Self Storage
    Second, you are now storing with a trusted, local, individual
    Lastly, you are not signing a contract with long-term comittments

    The safety of your items is our number 1 priorit. We have a big interest in ensuring all Storage Hosts are qualified & trustworthy & we do this through our internal qualification review along with user reviews.

    As you search through available storage units & space you will notice each has their own amenities they offer & security. We urge you to only reserve units in which they satisfy your requirements.

    We ask you to make sure nothing illegal is stored. If you are questioning a specific item, you can always check with your local authorities.

    Each Storage Host has their own rules & policies you should follow. We suggest Storage Host to set up rules within their listings so you know ahead of time.

    For sure! We do not want anyone to feel uneasy about their selection. If you want to cancel, just ensure you email Help@HopperStock.Com within the first 24 hours to let us know.

    This should never be the case, but during a rare instance this happens, you are not required to store your items at their location. First, leave immediately & email Help@HopperStock.Com and advise us and you will receive a full refund.

    There may be a time where a Storage Host & Renter may not fit well with each other. Ensure you let the Storage Host you no longer wish to conduct business together prior to meeting at their location either through phone number or email and contact us at Help@HopperStock.Com asap.

    HopperStock is okay with you altering your dates, but you will need to work with your Storage Host on changing the dates selected.