declutter your garage and put that wasted to space to good use by renting it outDo you ever look in your garage only to shut the door again? What if you could declutter your garage and make some passive income on the side? Would you be a little more motivated to get started?

As much as we don’t like to admit it, our clutter is costing us money each month. Take some time to do a little spring cleaning, either in your attic or garage, or both. You could earn some extra side income each month just from the space you are wasting by keeping it full of clutter.

Spending a weekend working to declutter your home might not sound very exciting. Until you realize there are people out there with a boat they would pay you store in your garage for the winter. Don’t let the clutter live rent free in your garage any more.

Wasting Money

Clutter is costing you money. Every single square foot in your home is costing you money. Each month you pay your mortgage, heating bill, insurance payment. How much is your clutter costing you? You might not qualify for an episode of Hoarders, yet. But your clutter can be costing you money each month to keep it in your attic or garage.

What if your extra square footage could be making you money instead? Clear out this extra space, and offer it up on a peer to peer storage website such as Hopperstock. Your garage could be making you money instead of costing you money each month. That garage full of boxes is costing you money each month, do you know exactly how much?

Do the math how much your home costs you each month in total upkeep and maintenance. Then divide it by the amount of square footage you have. Just how much is that extra 100 square foot corner of clutter costing you? This exercise alone might motivate you to do a little spring cleaning!

Spring Cleaning

We don’t want our clutter costing money; we want to make money with the extra room around our homes. Schedule a long weekend to go through your garage and do a little spring cleaning. You will be surprised what you find as you declutter your home.

There are so many options for you when decluttering your home. Think outside the box – or garbage can – as you are downsizing your home. Some of the items you clear out from your home will end up in the landfill. But there are so many other options out there.

As mentioned in our article, Spring Cleaning, you can donate your items to charity, or you can make some quick cash by selling your clutter at consignment stores. There are so many options for selling your treasures online as well. The key is to get your items out of the house, and make room for using the extra square footage in your home or garage to make some money.

A little spring cleaning is all that is standing between you and a few extra hundred dollars each month to pay down your mortgage early. Is that worth giving up one weekend this month?

Too much space?

Once you have cleaned out your home for the spring, what will you do with all that space? Do you now have too big house of a house for your empty nest? This article shares 5 ways your house can pay for itself. Yep, that’s right, its own upkeep and maintenance – even that oversized mortgage.

Are you stuck with too big of a mortgage to keep your dream home? Have the kids moved out leaving you with multiple empty rooms? Put that empty space to use by renting it out using a peer to peer storage solution such as Hopperstock.

If you have extra space, and are looking for some extra side income, then renting out your garage may be just the answer you have been looking for. Declutter your garage so you can make money from home without having to take on a second job.

So, once the kids have moved out, and found homes of their own, clean out their bedrooms and offer it up on Hopperstock instead. Spend a weekend cleaning out your garage so you can rent it out to the neighbor down the street who has more toys than space. If you have too much space, then a little spring cleaning can help you make money instead of wasting it in your extra space.

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