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CLEVELAND, OH—August 02, 2018—With the self-storage industry making a whopping 38 billion dollars in the US in 2017, it isn’t surprising that it has now expanded to find a comfortable place at the sharing economy table as well. Self-storage has traditionally taken the form of large sprawling warehouses, subdivided into individual rental compartments. Sharing storage space whittles this business down to a simple transaction between neighbors. It’s a smart business model that is convenient to both renters and landlord hosts, but it isn’t without controversies.

Currently, rented spaces on personal properties aren’t open to the same regulations as commercialized storage facilities. This means they are not regularly inspected for safety or fire hazards, many are not climate-controlled, and renters have to decide how much they trust a stranger to store their personal belongings. Storage hosts have uncertainties as well. How much access and privacy are they willing to grant a renter to store items on their property, and host may be susceptible to objections from neighbors who may not like the potential heavy foot traffic of renters  accessing their storage space as the real-estate sharing economy is not yet subjected to zoning regulations.

Jason Marzec, owner of Hopperstock, and an Ohio native from the Cleveland area, helps to address these concerns. One of the benefits of the peer-to-peer community business model is that there are checks and balances instilled within the company’s feedback, rating, and ranking system. “The top ranked storage hosts will be recognized with more stars in their units and rank higher in search results,” says Marzec,

“Additionally, we have launched a badge program where Hopperstock physically visits the storage hosts location to interview the hosts and vouch their authenticity.”

As the market continues to grow, hosts and renters will become more comfortable with the storage sharing business model, but grow it most certainly will. According to an IBIS World report, the self-storage market has experienced a 7.7% annual growth over the last five years. This growth could be due to factors such as downsizing baby boomers moving into smaller living quarters, millennials moving into high density but storage limited cities, and environmental friendly business practices that encourage re-purposing existing building structures rather than constructing new ones.

About Hopperstock

Hopperstock is a community storage marketplace for easy and reliable self-storage for everyone. Hopperstock allows a straightforward and friendly solution for making use of extra or unused storage space, or helping renters find secure and convenient storage space for their needs.
Hopperstock currently has over 80 local units in Cleveland but will be expanding nationwide in the near future.

For more information about becoming a storage host or if you need help locating a space to rent, please visit where you can get live and immediate assistance, or call Jason Marzec at (216) 952-2512.

If you would like more information about Hopperstock and the storage sharing economy, please call Jason Marzec at (216) 952-2512 or email

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