It’s easy use the sharing economy to ensure you never give up your hobbies to make more space in the garage. All it takes is a little help from Hopperstock to empty out your garage.

A person without a hobby a person without life. For the outdoorsy types, we  partake in fishing, hunting, dirt biking, mountain biking, and 4-wheeling. These addictive hobbies lead right into the other. With the sharing economy you can empty out your garage you don’t give anything up. You can even use it to earn more money.

One of my first hobbies, rock climbing, requires relatively minimal gear. Crampons, rope, harnesses, carabiners, quick draws, helmets, climbing shoes, chalk, and various other elements all fit into the corner of my garage in about three plastic bins, and the rest left  strewn alongside the bins.

One of my hunting buddies takes us 4-wheeling around on the weekends. After three trips with my buddy he got me completely hooked. Totally pumped, I went out and bought my very own ATV.

Boom, now we’re at two hobbies to pack into my garage. That Icebear 125CC ATV is compact but between the ATVs, the climbing gear, the Christmas decorations and other hand-me-downs, things started to add up in the garage. Soon, the hobby corner soon grew into half the garage. Furthermore, I haven’t parked a car in there in years and miss doing so in the winter time when I start my car up in the freezing cold and wait for the windows to defog, scrape the ice off the window, and wait for the car to heat up. I knew I needed to empty out my garage.

Empty Out Your Garage
Empty Out Your Garage

Considering not having the ability to get into my garage anymore with it so packed, the cold 6 am car starting, and my hobbies sitting in the garage unused, I felt angry. I started putting up craigslist posts for the ATV. It felt like a low point, like I’d just broken up with someone.

I met up with hunting buddy in a while and I told him “I need more space in my garage” and he suggested looking up Hopperstock. Later that day, I gave it a search and read the reviews. I saw a guy on Hopperstock who’d owned an open garage, heated too, just a beautiful sight to behold. I made a couple trips from my house, less than a half hour away, thereby opening up space in my garage for the first time in years. The bicycles, the quad, the climbing gear, and the family knickknacks all stored away safely.

Indeed, this got me to thinking on the benefits of Hopperstock . We all own valuables we don’t want to get rid of. Maybe you’re travelling for a while and cannot take stuff with you. That’s a perfect opportunity to use Hopperstock. Put those summer things away for the winter and utilize your garage to it’s fullest potential. Additionally, make sure to store your 4 wheeler away properly. Read this blog to give you ideas on what that means here: How to winterize your 4 wheeler

Also, I didn’t want to deal with the rigmarole of the self-storage system. Too many times I’ve known people to get screwed over. Who wants to deal with the maze of storage units? Using Hopperstock is like visiting a friends house. That’s the beauty of the sharing community, it’s personal and tailored to your needs!

Hobby guys always end up with too much stuff; climbing gear, books, auto parts, ATVs, and other stuff. Therefore, you don’t go white water kayaking without buying a few things. The skirt, the dry suit, spare clothes, the various paddles, and a couple of kayaks for different water. As a matter of fact, I’m outside a lot. But now I  work in my garage a bit more without the feeling of dread as Santa’s sleigh looms over me, ready to fall down any minute.

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