In today’s world of new markets and service apps, connections from consumer to seller are closer than they’ve ever been, and it’s no wonder communities are forming. With Hopperstock there so many ways to bring about a good time and to make new friends.

#1 Hosts are friends

When people get together with a common goal or share in reciprocity/transaction, connections form and communities build. Then, we make friends. Hosts provide a service and renters provide cash. A level of trust is needed on both ends, and for this reason friendships can be built. Talking with your host can let you know who the person is. The more you get to know them, the more comfortable you will be leaving your items in their garage. The host/renter dynamic can be way more personal than the lifeless self-storage facility relationship you might have; you’re dealing with people, people who are willing to help you out and make sure you are happy. The hosts are invested in your happiness so don’t think of them as a stranger you see once a month in passing.

#2 You’ll get your friends hooked!

If you think this app is going to be a onetime use, you’re wrong. Once you experience the world of storage sharing, you’ll be talking about it with your friends. Think about how many people you know with too many things in their garage that wished they could store it all somewhere else. That’s most people I know. Once your friends see your garage they’ll be joining too, creating a network of people you can call and talk to about hosts and renters.

#3 Hosts have hobbies too!

Sometimes all it takes is to see a surfboard out on the deck of their house, or maybe you see a dirtbike trailer in their driveway; one question will get it all started. Maybe you don’t surf, but people like to share their hobbies, and maybe you can too. How often is it we can bring someone joy with something we know about? When you can do it, the feeling is great. Bringing someone else to a smile, without risking the chance of making a stupid joke, is priceless.

#4 Build the go to spot for hanging out

All that free space is open potential, like the vast fertile lands of the new world. Plant the seed of a mancave, yoga studio, art room, and watch the community grow. Put down a rug, some comfy Lazyboys, a fridge, all the décor your spouse wants out of the living room and personalize that garage to your personality. Check out this blog on what you can do with all that free space! Other Uses for a storage unit

#5 Build something!

Go ahead, do it. You know you want to. I found this 31 foot catamaran kit online for about 4,000 dollars, not much considering what pleasure boats go for on the market. Under sail these proas are smooth, the smaller hull floats and balances out the weight as smoothly as can be done when going 13+ knots. You get all the pieces sent to you in the mail with the designs and instructions included. Be wary, you’ll need an assortment of tools. And Glue. Lots of glue.

Not everybody has the room or patience to put a boat together so fear not, you can make anything. Just make something. Working on a project car, an art project, a family table, it all can bring you and friends or family together. I’ve worked on my car plenty of times, but there comes a point where I find myself stuck or need to rent a puller from O’Reilly’s. You get advice from people when you need it, and sometimes those people offer a hand, especially if it’s something interesting like a 67 Camaro.

Nothing makes new friends faster than putting your hands to work on a project. Watching your creation form as you and your kids or friends work, not only brings people together but, shows your capability. Whether it be a photography studio, a gym, a project, a hobby room, or a woodshop, you’ll be glad to have made some friends in the process.

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