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Gas expenses bothering you? Drive your office home…

Let’s imagine this. You, after working very hard, get a raise and the first thing that you do upon getting your first paycheck is book a swanky car.

You just can’t wait to put your hands on its steering and take it out for a little spin.

But there’s a little problem- unless you raise a loan from the auto company, you won’t be able to take your car home. So what do you do? Sure, you raise a loan and get your swanky car.

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But do you realize that unwittingly, you have bitten more than you can chew? With every passing month, you have the burden off your EMI, along with an extra expenditure of gas for your car. Gas isn’t cheap, so that’s going to burn a nice little hole in your pocket every month. And ah, yes, you will also have to periodically send your car for maintenance.

Yes, Uber can be one answer to your driving and car-ownership woes. It saves you from so many headaches such as saving on gas and the resultant EMIs. You don’t have to drive your car long distances either, so you arrive at your workplace fresh and full of ideas.

But, what if we suggest that you don’t drive at all to your office? You’d probably think that we are joking?

No, we are not.

If you have vacant space or rooms at your behest, you could do several things.

  1. Convert one of those rooms into a mini office of sorts. This idea would work perfectly for all those who have desk jobs. Buy a few pieces of furniture, get a Wi-Fi connection and you are good to go. Many Americans are using their spare rooms for this purpose. They work out of their garages, rooms etc and have a flexible work schedule.
  2. There is another innovative idea when it comes to using your surplus space. Do you know that hotel rooms across America are becoming pricier every passing day? And therein lies your opportunity. Why not let out one of your spare rooms to room-sharing companies like AirBnB? Many inbound travelers find the concept of living with communities irresistible. They don’t have to pay sky-high room rent to the hotels and neither do they have to worry about intracity transit. If your property is very close to the suburban railway network or a bus terminus, then travelers will find it very interesting.

All you have to do to list your property on Airbnb is register yourself and upload some pretty pictures of your property, it is that simple.

  1. If you find strangers living in your room as a funny idea, then you can think of using it as a co-working space. Many home-owners generate an extra income this way by inviting start-ups and other entrepreneurs to use their spare space. Most of these entrepreneurs just want a tidy, spacious and well-lit room for their start-up. A Wi-Fi connection is a must in such facilities and it should have ample bandwidth for a small number of users. You can decide the number of people who can use your room. It all depends upon the space that it offers. But before you offer your spare space to entrepreneurs as a co-working space, ensure that it has some good furniture, and some great coffee. Now isn’t this a great idea to save on your gas and the car EMIs?
  1. Many home-owners let out their vacant rooms and garages for gigs and small concerts. If you are a music and culture aficionado, then you can probably invite the local bands to come and use your space to demonstrate their skills. It would be difficult for these bands to refuse your offer. All they want, actually, is a nice neighborhood to attract fans. However, do check with your local authorities before converting your spare room into a gig pad. It is always better to be on the right side of the law in such matters.
  2. Rooms for rent- Save money on your car and gas by renting out your garage or spare rooms to students or people coming to your city for work. The rent will not only add to your income but also take care of your home mortgages.

Owning a car and driving it to work is no longer a smart idea for many Americans. Bring your work home, lead a relaxed life and do much more with your garages and spare rooms.

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Hey read this if you are currently in between jobs, or if you think you may be in the future!