What’s the one thing that strikes us when we see photos of parents, either ours or our friends? Aren’t these photos a picture of team-work that emerges out of love and a will to get things done? Well, that was how it worked for a long while – one person in the family provided and another ran the day-to-day chores of the house.

We put together an easy list on ways to make money from home for you!

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That has changed now, though. With rising prices and changing lifestyles, it is difficult for one person to run a family, let alone maintain their properties. After all, buying a property isn’t the end of it – you must pay for its maintenance, taxes, and the whole round hog. So, now that it’s decided it takes two to do the job (really, it does), here’s a list of ways to make money for a homemaker


What was once a college goer’s pocket money has become big business today. All you need is a spare room and have the right temperament to deal with children. You will be surprised to find how many households in Ohio have both parents working, causing them to spend a pretty penny for crèche services. Well, you could help neighborhood Sally or John by offering them to look after their children as they work – at a lower price than what’s being offered by the bigger franchises.

Babysitting might require a little bit of investment in the beginning. You’d require to do up a room, invest in some toys and other props that would keep the children engaged, things like that.  Once you are up and about, you could charge parents per hour – that will return your investment in a jiffy. Not just that, you will be setting up a small home business that anyone in your household can carry on forward.

Writing for others

Writing is the most popular freelance service that people are looking for. Whatever your writing style, there’s always someone looking for something written in that style. Comfortable with researched articles, or more comfortable writing short and snappy blog posts? Well, both have a market and therefore people who are ready to pay. All you need to do, as always, is look in the right places. Several websites connect people looking for writing work and people who are looking to outsource their writing requirements.

Writing for yourself

You will be amazed by the amounts others are earning with their blogs. It’s not too technical nowadays and with a little investment, you can get online within half an hour. Starting and maintaining a blog might seem a lot of work. However, if done right, the financial returns are too many to ignore. If you are a subject expert, you could easily create an online following for yourself with informative articles. If you would just like to create a community of like-minded people, people who like coffee and would like to know more about it, for example, that’s possible too – and financially lucrative. You could even begin writing for yourself if you are interested in writing fiction.

Start a Video Channel

Video is the next big thing on the Internet. Several people are setting up video channels that cater to different requirements. Some make videos of unboxing new electronics, others make videos of various lip-smacking recipes, while others just make comedy videos. You do not need much inventory to start off – some popular vloggers have just made videos using their camera phones, and of course, went big with they got tremendous traffic that they monetized. It isn’t as tech-oriented as it seems. More and more content creators are looking to get their point across with video, there are several free tools available online – which you can use to your heart’s content to create interesting and intriguing videos and allowing you make money from home.

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Rent out storage space

Ohio is well known for their large real estate, especially in areas like Lake County, Cuyahoga County, and Geauga County. With houses having at least one spare room free, it makes sense to rent the rooms out as storage space. Renting out rooms for storage space is the most non-intrusive and hassle-free way to make money for a homemaker to make money from home. Renting rooms for storage space require minimum work from you and is the most unobtrusive way for a homemaker to make money from home. You don’t even need a whole room to get into the storage space business – if you have a space in your house that’s not disturbed, you could even begin with using that space as storage space.  This could be the simplest answer to the question how to make money.

These are some of the simple ways in which you can make money from home for homemakers.

Hey, do you happen to be retired or thinking about it? Still have the urge to work? Here is some ways to make money right now. 

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