There’s a television show called Hoarders on the A&E channel. You may have seen it. It’s the one where people have so much stuff in their house, either treasures or garbage, usually a combination of both, that it has taken on a life of its own. Their stuff has become a growing monstrous collection of things that have filled rooms to the ceilings. Rooms have become interchangeable and unrecognizable from each other. The clutter problem has become unmanageable for the inhabitant. Professional therapists are called in as well as few dozen professional cleaners and de-junkers (as well as a camera crew) to help the poor overwhelmed person gain back control of their house and their life. In the end the hoarder has removed severals dumpsters full of trash and has learned a hard and painful lesson about themselves. Clutter is destructive. Maybe it’s time to declutter your home, too.

Thankfully, most of us aren’t dealing with clutter on that extreme level. But the truth is, any amount of clutter is a problem. There is probably a space in your home, such a garage, a shed, a basement, or an attic that might be collecting more than its fair share of stuff. While you may not be a candidate to appear on an episode of Hoarders yet, you could probably take a lesson from them and get the clutter under control before it takes control of you.

How Does Clutter Cost You Money?

Remember that room where you’ve been storing boxes of stuff that you haven’t looked at for a decade? It could be rented out to someone who would pay good money for the space. Storage space is a hot commodity right now. Small businesses and new Start-Ups are looking for small spaces that can serve as an office or warehouse. People love to buy large outdoor items such as boats, all-terrain vehicles, jet skis and campers in the summer. Come fall, they discover that they don’t have the proper place to store them. That’s where you can help.

If you cleared out that junk room, think about how much extra cash you could bring in. That’s extra income for something useful that doesn’t require space like bill payment, or a retirement fund, or exotic travel plans.

Make a Game Plan and Take Control

If the thought of decluttering that garage or attic sounds overwhelming, you’re not alone. It’s a big job. But it’s not an impossible job. Set aside a weekend or a free week to dedicate yourself to the task. Read about tips on how to get that garage or attic cleared out in less time than you think and start getting paid for it.

Register Your Space on HopperStock. It only takes minutes. And check out this video to see how easy it is to list your space.

Home organization will let you take control of your space. Once your clutter is gone you will have a new found freedom that you didn’t even realize was missing. Once that first renters fee goes into your PayPal account you might find yourself looking for other places in your house that could start earning you money.

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