Ready To Take Advantage and Join the Gig Economy & Earn Some Money At Home?

HopperStock is a Community Storage Marketplace for easy & reliable storage for all.

Our site allows you a straight-forward and friendly solution for making use of your extra, unused storage space. Ever thought,I should rent my storage space to someone who could actually use this right now?

This is exactly what we mean about the gig economy & having the ability to earn some money at home.

You can rent out extra storage space in your home, garage, extra storage unit, or other spaces
that don’t get used.

Doing so with HopperStock makes this not only possible but a totally painless process!

Join The Gig Economy
Join The Gig Economy

Let’s talk about the process to rent out your unused space & see what it takes to become a gig worker

Just like signing up for any other online peer to peer platform such as AIRBNB, UBER, Doordash etc… it usually takes no more than 5 total minutes on HopperStock.Com to register & add your extra space 100% for free.

Below we will go through the 3 simple steps to get started.
If by any chance you are ready now, just click here to get started. Just click on the top & click sign up.

How To Rent Your Storage Space on HopperStock With 3 Easy Steps by Making Money and Join The Gig Economy

Sign Up For The Gig Economy
Sign Up For The Gig Economy

First Set Up Your 100% Free For Life Profile

Signing up with HoppeStock is a breeze. We serve locations nationwide and becoming an
official HopperStock Storage Host for your local area can happen with just a few clicks.
You can instantly gain access to the Host Dashboard once you sign up. So make sure you first click on the top menu & hit sign up.

Add Your Unused Space and Get Ready For The Gig Economy
Add Your Unused Space and Get Ready For The Gig Economy

Next Add Your Unused Space as a Unit

After you sign up you should have chosen Host, next you will automatically be re-directed to the “add a unit” page. This part is super simple too and takes no more than 2 minutes. Once again this costs nothing to add a unit. We do however take a 15% fee when your unit rents out to a renter. We highly recommend adding a photo of your unit you plan on renting out.

Enjoy the easy small scale business life
Enjoy the easy small scale business life

Next Sit Back and Wait

After you have registered for free and added your unit for free, you just sit back and wait for a renter to search by zip code to find a unit that matches yours. They will rent it out & you will get an email notification. We recommend to always check back weekly for any updates about your unit.

Book reservations and get paid all in one step on


We highly suggest you visit the FAQ page here for some additional answers

Be a Host…Earn Time and Money