HopperStock is a Community Storage Marketplace for easy & reliable storage for all.

Our site allows you a straight-forward and friendly solution for making use of your extra, unused storage space. Ever thought,
I should rent my storage space to someone who could actually use this right now?

Peer to peer storage market place

You can rent out extra storage space in your home, garage, extra storage unit, or other spaces
that dont get used.
Doing so with HopperStock makes this not only possible but a totally painless process!

Finding someone near you to rent my storage space? If you want to rent out
storage space quickly and for whatever price you choose, you’ll find you’re only a few steps
away from access to setting the rates, availability, amenities, and booking for your available
space. And you get paid directly through your HopperStock listings!

How To Rent My Storage Space on HopperStock.com In 3 QUICK & SIMPLE STEPS.


Signing up with HoppeStock is a breeze. We serve locations nationwide and becoming an
official HopperStock vendor for your local area can happen with just a few clicks.
You can instantly gain access into our database listings of indoor
and outdoor storage spaces once you’re an approved vendor and create your own unit

To get approved today, simply register with us to begin the process of renting your
storage space with HopperStock!


Using our services, our customers can search our website easily and can find all of
the options near them. We know you want to be found by your geographic locations,
but you’ve got other amenities to take into account too..

  • Do you offer security over your unit?
  • Indoor or outdoor?
  • Is the unit heated or air conditioned?
  • How is it accessed?

Better yet: How much do I want to Rent My Storage Space for?

You can find renters who are eager to find the right space for them based on these
needs. When you set up your vendor profile and Add Your First Unit, customers will
be drawn to your unit by comparing all these customized pricings, amenities and so
much more.

We make showcasing your options easy and instant. Start renting and

register now!


Reserving HopperStock units are literally just a click away from users.

And what does that mean for you? Getting paid is just one step away as well!

Once someone decides their choice to rent out storage space is your available unit,
they’re able to book right there from your Unit’s Listing page and pay for the unit
to gain access to the vital information like your full contact and location. There’s
no fine print surrounding this just straight-forward reservation options set
by you and local renters who pay the price you seek!

Book reservations and get paid all in one step on HopperStock.com.
While your new renter is emailed their rental details immediately, the money is sent
your way along with the confirmation! Yep, it’s that easy.

Be a Host…Earn Time Money