The value of the dollar has diminished while commodities have gone up. 2018 has seen the highest gas prices since 2014, the national average $2.48, while some states had as high as $3.60 per gallon. Our grandparents lived in a time where only one breadwinner was needed. Things have changed. It’s a common necessity for people to shack up and split the bill in order to hedge inflation.

Now is the time to take charge of your life and take the proper measures to ensure you are keeping up with the times to hedge inflation. Obviously splitting the bills with a partner is pretty common thing to do nowadays. But not only do couples need to have two bread winners, both need to have a diverse set of skills.

Skills can be utilized on various websites like Upwork and task rabbit, which let you put yourself to work. Got a skill? Photography, web design, math skills, trades, automotive, carpentry, these all will bring in a supplementary workflow. That’s the beauty of the current sharing economy, it brings people together to help each other out.

Also, you should be asking yourself, can I make money out of my property? Renting out a room of yours on an Airbnb can be great, just be sure to provide a great experience, and charge a reasonable price for what you are selling. This doesn’t have to be too difficult; most people want clean sheets, a quiet room, and to be left alone. But with a little extra research you can ensure you are providing a 5 star experience.

Furthermore, go ahead and look in your garage, and see if you have room to rent out on Hopperstock. Doing this really lets you get into the nooks and crannies of what can bring you money. While renting out a space in your house is possibly intrusive, it is also more work. Throwing Hopperstock into your repertoire ensures you are pulling in the most cash possible with relatively minimal effort. Once you get a renter, they leave their stuff in your garage and pay you. Check out this link to get a feel of what not to do with hosts here: Get a High Rating: Don’t Be These Hosts[/vc_wp_text]

Following is the step by Step guide to efficiently renting out your garage!

hedge inflation
hedge inflation

But renting out on Hopperstock  isn’t the only option, you can empty out your garage to make your own business. Further, maybe you want to do family photography and want a studio? Just clear out your garage using Hopperstock. This thereby ensures you get to keep your items, don’t have to worry about what goes and stays, and it all goes into storage, leaving you a new office in your own back yard.

Renting out your garage, renting out a room, driving uber on the weekends, and doing freelance work outside of your regular job puts you ahead of the game. By and large, Photography is great for me as side work, it’s not a great 9-5 job but it gets me cash on the side, which is helpful. Not only do these side hustles help, they are the new requirement in this “gig” economy.

“Airbnb hosts make nearly three times as much as other workers,” Priceonomics reported. An Airbnb average monthly income sits around 950 dollars. The average Lyft driver makes about 377 dollars a month at 18.83 an hour, according to techcrunch. Additionaly, doing freelance is a variable set by you and the pace at which you work. Renting out your garage, depending on size and quality can bring you a couple hundred a month. If we add in the average Airbnb earning, plus about 12 hours of Lyft driving, the price you might earn using Hopperstock, we would be looking at about $1,325+ of side hustle. Living paycheck to paycheck is rough and no one should have to do it. Use these tricks bring in some extra cash.


Prices are up, wages are stagnant in our economy

Work a regular job and add in freelance work

Rent out a room in your house

Rent out your garage

Drive for uber/lyft on the weekends

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