Cleaning Furniture Post Storage
Cleaning Furniture Post Storage

Furniture does not always do well in storage. If the furniture is not properly prepped or the facility is not completely waterproofed and rodent free, your couches may look differently than they did when you last saw them. Dust, mildew and rodents can easily cover and damage your precious items. However, it is not always the end of the road. There are ways to clean your furniture post storage:

1. Assess the damage

Sofa Cleaning As Needed
Sofa Cleaning As Needed

Before you can do anything to your furniture, you must first figure out what you are dealing with. After checking for any obvious rodent activity, carefully take the furniture outside. This will make it easier to complete the cleaning; doing so inside closed spaces can be dangerous and difficult on the lungs. Complete a more thorough assessment of rodent activity. Study the fabric and determine if there is dust or mold present. Before you begin cleaning, put on a face mask to protect you from any mold spores.

2. Brush it off

If there are large amounts of mold, you will have to break up the patches. While this is definitely not the most fun step of how to clean your furniture post storage, it is an important one. Place some newspaper underneath the couch and make sure that your mask is secure. Use a firm brush or broom to break up the spores. Brush the spores onto the newspaper and dispose of the newspaper.

3. Get Scrubbing

There are two avenues of completing this step: wood or upholstery.

If you are cleaning the wooden parts of the furniture, use gloves and Pine-Sol for cleaning. Use a rag or soft brush to scrub these parts of the furniture. Take your time and be sure to not damage the finish. However, if the finish becomes damaged through cleaning or the effects of the mold, re-finishing is a simple process.

If you are cleaning the upholstery, use Woolite or combination of warm water and hand soap to clean. Scrub firmly.

With this step, you may not completely rid the furniture of all mold and dust. The next steps will help remove the last remaining layers.

4. Dry it Out

Set the furniture out to dry in the sun for a a day or more until it is completely dry. This step will dry out the remaining layers of mold and mildew. Dry mold and mildew are much easier to scrub away.

5. Disinfecting Time

The final step for cleaning furniture post storage is disinfecting. Combine one cup of bleach for every 5 cups of water to create the disinfecting solution. Please use gloves and eye protection for your own safety. Wipe down the furniture completely to kill the last layers of mold and mildew. Lay the furniture out in the sun to dry one last time.

Adventures do not always come in the form of open roads and filthy nights. Sometimes, our adventures simply include furniture and those types of adventures need cleaning as well. Clean up your furniture and prepare it for its next adventure.

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