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There’s a lot of talk all over the internet about different ways to make easy money. One of those ways is storage. You see people boasting about all the money they made by renting out their basement or bedroom. They talk about how anyone can get into the storage business and everyone can find storage space for community renting. However, no one took the time to explain where those storage spaces can be.

While it is easy to get into the storage business, you can’t start without a space. Finding the space is first step to getting into the storage space and making your property work for you.

You can easily turn empty spaces into money in your pocket with the right space and the right renter.

1. Attic

Unique Storage Space
Unique Storage Space

We forget about that space above our house! Most people fill their attics with extra stuff from their childhood or grandma’s old clothes. Sometimes it’s just full of things that just haven’t gotten unpacked since the move. Finished attics are prime storage spaces that you can easily turn into into community storage space. However, before you can start truly benefiting off of your attic, you need to prepare the space. Divide up the space into what is for the future renter and what is for you. Once you are able to make those decisions, you can better choose renters to fill your space.

2. Garage

Your garage is another space that can you can turn into cash. Garages are large spaces that you can divide up to benefit multiple types of renters. People are normally looking for short term parking or simply short term storage, both of which would be perfect for a garage. You can use your entire garage or part of your garage for community storage.  The choice is up to you. When making a decision on how much of your garage you want to devote to storage, consider your needs first. Determine how much of your garage can you do without. Once that is determined, prepare the space for storage and work with Hopperstock to find a renter near you.

3. Thinking Outside the Box

This last category encompasses all of those unorthodox spaces that no one ever thinks of because they are very niche spaces. For example, one space that could be used for storage is a barn. If you have a barn on your property and you have the means of cleaning it and preparing it for storage, you can get into the storage business. If you are a mechanic and own your garage, you can rent out part of that space as well. Extra bedrooms can be turned into short term storage spaces. Spaces can be rented out for any length of time and can be tailored to your needs and desires.

Getting into the storage business truly is not difficult. It only requires a slight change in mindset. Instead of thinking that you need a large formal space to become a storage host, look at unorthodox spaces. Focus on where you can fit unique storage items, like camping equipment or surfboards. Prepare the area and join the community storage industry.

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