Make use of unfinished basement
Make use of unfinished basement

Maybe you bought a new home or you are doing a grand renovation. The basement, especially an unfinished basement, can be a tricky room. Unfinished basements are full of potential and worry. While there are a million options for how to make use of an unfinished basement, the number of options can become overwhelming.

For many, there lies a constant pressure to make use of the space as soon as possible. Unfinished basements can be dangerous or even just an eye sore. As time goes on, the need to find a purpose for the space grows only stronger. Here are some simple options for a purpose for your unfinished basement:

1. Gym

This first option for your unfinished basement could change your life forever. Turn that large, unused space into an area where you can take some time for yourself. If your basement has a concrete floor, you can lay some foam mats down to make the ground a little softer and safer. Bring in some basic equipment at first, then increase the intensity of the machines as you see fit. Finding the motivation to get out of bed and drive to the gym in the morning can be almost impossible most days. With this switch, you are bringing the gym right to you.

2. More living space

Storage Basement
Storage Basement

Extend your living space into your basement. Basements don’t always have to be dark and dreary spaces. Bring in some lighting and furniture. Turn your unfinished basement into more living space for your family. It could become a second living room, a play room or even a movie theater. The possibilities are endless. Many people turn unfinished basements into office spaces with a simple addition of a wall, desk and chair. All you need is a wifi connection that will reach through to the basement. For smaller basements, laundry rooms can become an option as well. However, this option requires certain connections and outlets in order to make the option work smoothly.

3. Rent it Out

Basements are a wonderful place for storage. You can always store all of the extra things that you may not want to let go. However, final option for making use of your unfinished basement is one that could put money in your pocket, if you think outside the box.

With Hopperstock, you can rent out your basement to community renters. Hopperstock is a service that pairs prospective storage hosts  with renters. Storage hosts are people like you with extra space and an open heart. Renters are people in your community that are looking for places to rent their items. Renting out the space can put more money in your pocket and open doors for other adventures.

As you can see, there are many options for how to use your unfinished basement. The next step is simply to choose which option is right for you and your family. Some people may benefit from bringing their gym closer to home and other may benefit from renting out the space to storage renters. The choice is up to you.

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