If you are on the lookout to make some extra income, it may pleasantly surprise you to know that you could rent out your garage for that extra cash flow. You can earn hundreds of dollars every month by renting your garage space to people who need to store their possessions, park their car or work in the space. Generally, you should not think about renting out your garage for habitation unless it is converted into a residential living space and the proper permits and permission are obtained from the local government.

Following is the step by Step guide to efficiently renting out your garage!

  • First of all, go by the Rules!
  • Whether renting out your garage space as a parking space, workshop, art studio or storage space, don’t forget to analyze all the local zoning laws that using your space for business, or income-producing purposes, is legal or not.
  • Violating these laws probably result in legal problems, actually costing you a lot of money.
  • Plan the purpose of your renting. Accordingly, organize your garage.
  • If you’re looking to rent it out as a storage area, you may need to organize shelves or cabinets to attract more clients.
  • Remove any personal belongings and transfer it to another storage area.
  • Do the necessary paintwork and cleaning before showcasing it to anyone.
  • Ensure that all the plumbing, electrical, mechanical and structural components in the garage are running properly and adhere to the safety codes.
  • Install smoke detectors and other safety features if need be. This may not be a necessity, but it will be an add-on feature that might get your garage a tenant more quickly.
  • Ensure the garage is safe for use and there are no health hazards that could put you in legal issues.
  • Fix your monthly rent according to the location of your property and size of the available garage space.
  • Register on Hopperstock.com
    • Open Hopperstock.com on your web browser.
    • At the homepage, you can register either through Facebook or the traditional Email/Username and Password.
    • Select the option Host from the drop-down box as your Role and hit the Update Button.
    • Click on the Add Unit Tab to provide your basic information like Unit Name, Unit Description, Unit address, Unit images, Unit Size etc.
    • Also mention the type of income you are expecting weekly, monthly, etc., and the dates for which the unit is going to be available for renting out.
    • Hit the create unit after carefully entering all the information required.
    • To check your listing, you can go to the Shop page or Active Units in Host Dashboard.
    • Registering your garage on Hopperstock.com helps you easily find tenants for renting out your garage space without putting any extra efforts.

Following these simple steps allows you to earn that much needed extra income, which may help you to make more time for your family, travel or simply follow your dreams.

Go register your garage space on Hopperstock.com, what are you waiting for?

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