How To Rent Out Your Garage

Renting out your garage is a severely easy way to bring in some extra monthly income. Just sit back and let people pay you to store their stuff in your garage. Not a bad gig. That is, once you have a renter. If you have a garage that you think would make a good rental but don’t know where to start, follow these Step-By-Step directions on how to rent out your garage to get the most money you can in the shortest amount of time. 

Step 1- Make Sure You Can Legally Rent It 

“Can I rent out my garage?” You need to find out. Before you go through the steps of renting out your garage, make sure you have the legal right to do so. Seriously, lawsuits are no fun, especially if you’re on the receiving end of one. If you are renting property or otherwise don’t own the garage you want to rent, make sure you have written permission to sublet it. Are you part of an HOA? Then you’re going to want to consult the handbook to make sure you won’t be in violation of any rules. If you have homeowner’s insurance, give them a call and find out about what can happen if the worst happens (fire, theft, property damage, etc.) This is step one, and something you really don’t want to cut corners on. If you are the homeowner and your insurance company gives you the green light, then read on. 

Step 2 – Clean It

Set aside a weekend and get the place spruced up. Click here for some tips on how to clean your garage out quickly. Everything that isn’t nailed down needs to go. This can be a one day job or a one month job depending on how much work needs to be done. Sweep it up, hose it down, and address repairs. While you’re cleaning, take notes about everything your garage has to offer, or the amenities. How big is the space? Does it have built-in shelves? Electricity? Heat? Is it in a sought after part of town? How well does it lock up? These are things renters will want to know and they can increase or decrease the value of your garage. 

Step 3 – Take Pictures 

Since a renter’s first impression is going to be through the website, good pictures are a must. The more the better. Make sure that you showcase everything positive. Is it large enough to store an RV? Take a picture of those gorgeous high ceilings. Does it have lots of cupboards for tools or wall hooks for bikes? Get a picture so a renter can envision putting their tools away and hanging their bikes securely on the walls. Really, don’t skimp here. Embrace your inner photographer and work it, work it. 

Step 4 – Write a Good Description 

Now’s the time to consult the notes and pictures you took. It’s time to write the description of your garage. This is your sale-pitch so don’t downplay the importance of a great description. Don’t just say “10 x 20 garage for rent.” Yawn. No one is going to click on that. Imagine the type of renter you want and write directly to that person. “Secure, dry garage to store your 4-wheelers and all your camping equipment.” See the difference? Which one would you rather look at? 

Step 5 – List it on Hopperstock

This is the easy part. After you’ve cleaned it, photographed it, described it, and are legally cleared to rent it, head over to Hopperstock to get it listed. If you’ve gone through these steps you already have the specifics you need to get started: dimensions, amenities, geographic location, pictures, and description. Once you register as a host, the website will walk you through the listing process and show you how to get paid. And you don’t have to worry about advertising because Hopperstock will do it for you by listing your garage on its database of eligible properties. Renters are ready. Are you?