Are you looking for a way to earn extra income each month? Then this article will help you learn how to rent your storage space.

Do you have more month than money? Or maybe, your income covers all your bills just fine but you would like to take a vacation every now and then.

How to rent your storage space

finding the perfect space is as close as your garageWell, look around your home and find the space to rent it out with peer to peer storage. You could put your unused spaces to work as quickly as this month by listing them on HopperStock. You never know who is looking for the perfect storage space. And you would be surprised by what people want to store, you just might have the perfect solution for them.

Community storage is a win/win for everybody. Your neighbor gets a safe and secure place to store their camping equipment for the winter. And you get some extra cash just in time for the holidays. When it comes to looking around for a place to rent, don’t think inside the box in terms of outside sheds or barns. While these are perfect, there are also many other spaces people are looking to rent from you.

Find the storage space

From your attic to your garage, and everything in between, there is plenty of space for you to rent out to your neighbor for some extra cash each month. You don’t have to wonder any more how to rent your storage space, HopperStock is your resource. Most people think about their garages as the ideal place to rent out for storage. But if you think outside the box, you can probably find a few creative places to rent out for storage around your house. You might even be able to rent out part of your driveway for someone looking for short term storage of a travel trailer or extra vehicle. If you are willing to think outside the box, check out this article for more ideas on unique spaces you can rent out.

Rent out your basement

finding and cleaning out your space will put money in your pocket when you learn how to rent your storage spaceFor an easy to follow, step by step, tutorial on how to rent out your basement, check out this detailed article here. There is even a short video for you to watch as you consider turning your basement into some extra income this month. Don’t let this space collect dust any longer, clean it out and list it today on HopperStock. You never know who in your neighborhood is searching right now for a place to store their grandmother’s china.

So, when figuring out how to rent your storage space, be sure to measure the space. And then measure any shelving you might have to offer. When you measure the amount of storage you can offer up on our peer to peer storage community, you can provide a more detailed listing. These details will garner top dollar from potential renters as they will know for sure whether their stuff will fit in your basement.

Rent out your driveway

Do you live in a condo with a deeded parking space, but bike to work? Do you have an extra-long driveway, but always park in the garage? Or, do you live in a small town with a large summer fair every year? Any of these scenarios can mean money in your pocket, as this article shows, when you rent out your driveway. You don’t need to live in a huge home to rent out your storage space. If you have extra space in your driveway, list it on Hopperstock, you might be surprised what offer you might receive.

What do you have that others don’t? How about a gate around your community or property? List these extras when you create your listing on HopperStock and charge a premium. It’s not just your garage that can earn you extra money each month, get your driveway in on the actual as well.

Rent out your garage

From researching to renting, there are steps you should follow before jumping into the storage rental business. With this article you can follow these three steps when renting out your garage. Put your garage to work making money. You can save up for your next vacation or even just catch up on a few bills, all while renting out your garage. It is always smart to do your homework before starting any side hustle. The same is true with renting out your garage. Just follow these steps and you can be making money this month.

From your driveway to your garage and everything in between, including the basement and attic, there is money to be made in your extra space. Turn that unused space into extra disposable income each month; join the sharing economy and renting out space in your home today. Just as with any investment venture, you need to follow the correct process in your journey to extra income.

You are already in the process of doing your research, which is a great first step. Now it is time to start clearing out your space and getting it ready to rent out. Once you are done doing research on how to rent out your storage space, it is time to start making money on HopperStock as soon as this month.

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