red car in garage with clutterDon’t spend the next 10 years trying to pay off your student loans. Pay them back quickly through passive income each month. It can seem like you will never get those pesky loans paid off, but it doesn’t have to.

Are those student loans preventing you from truly enjoying your life? Is all your hard earned income being spent paying down debt instead of a future fun vacation? Don’t put your Christmas presents on a high interest credit card this year.

Instead, put your extra space in your home to good use by renting it out on a peer to peer storage website such as Hopperstock. You could be earning passive income each month that can go towards paying off your student loans quickly.

So go clear out that messy garage. Get rid of that car project you are never going to complete anyway. And let’s pay off some debt, or pay for that next vacation in cash.

Pay off your student loans

blue piggy bank with money, pay off student loansDon’t let those annoying student loans hang around any longer. Toss it to the curb, along with the junk in your garage, and rent out your garage instead. Someone in your neighborhood might be dreaming of buying a jet ski, but they can’t because they don’t have the storage space.

Offer up your extra space on a peer to peer storage community website such as Hoperstock and start putting your garage to work with a part time job. Renting out your garage is easier than A,B,C; in fact, in this article you will see how it is also so much easier to AirBnB.

How much more quickly could you pay off your student loans if you had a few extra hundred dollars each month in passive income? No one wants to think about going out and getting another part time job after they come home from their 9-5 each day. But you could give your house a part time job so that you can be making money while you sleep.

Pay for your vacation

What if your next stay-cation could pay for your next vacation? Spend a few days at home cleaning out your garage; and on your next vacation your garage could be paying for it. Read here about the simple 5 step process to clean out your garage.

Once your garage is cleaned out, list it on a peer to peer storage solutions website such as Hopperstock. This way your extra space could be earning you extra money each month. This can be money in your pocket that can be used to pay cash for your next fun and fabulous vacation.

Start dreaming about where your next vacation is going to be. Will you head towards the sunshine, or hit the slopes this winter? Your dream vacation is closer than you think, all you need to do is find some extra space around your home that you can rent out today.

Pay for a new toy

What if your next vacation can be on a boat, paid for by renting out your spare bedroom to a college student? Read this article on ways to give your house a part time job. Have you always dreamed of owning a boat? You could be spending your summer weekends out on the water this year.

Look around your home and find some extra space you aren’t using. Put this extra space to good use by renting it out to your neighbor who would like to store their own fishing gear next to your boat in your garage for the winter.

Pay for Christmas

Admit it; Christmas sneaks up on all of us each year. And there really isn’t an excuse; they don’t change the date each year. But trying to find the extra money to give your kids the holidays of their dreams isn’t always easy. Sometimes it is easier to put it on a credit card and figure it out after the New Year.

But this year, with a little planning ahead of time, you can pay for your Christmas in cash ahead of time. And you can still have lots of extra time and peace of mind to actually enjoy your holidays this year. The holidays are not supposed to be stressful, but for so many of us it can turn out that way. Read this heartwarming story of how a single mom could have time with her family and also have extra money for presents.

Where can you move a few items in order to join the peer to peer storage community and start making some extra passive income this year? So, will you be paying off your students loans or heading shopping for a new boat once you rent out your extra space around your home?

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