I can’t pay my bills! It’s a tough position to be in, but it happens to almost everyone at some point. When you’re scrapping pennies to get by, you may be tempted to take a few shortcuts or worse. Don’t. If you put your head down and address the problem you can get through it. Take a look at these few dos and don’ts to help get you out of tight spot and back in the black.


Think Outside the Box 

You can’t control your pay scale at work, or whether or not you’ll get that promotion, but you can control what happens at home. Look around your house and property. Do you have any extra space that you’re not using? A garage or a shed? An extra guest room or basement? Do you have any space in your driveway that you’re willing to share? That extra space is valuable real estate and it could be bringing in extra income to get those bills under control. Head over to the Hopperstock registration page to get an idea of how much that extra space could be paying you every month.

Ask for Help 

No one gets through life without a little help. As long as you’re not taking advantage of anyone it’s okay to ask for help when you need it. It doesn’t have to be in the form of a cash loan either.  In fact, people are a lot more likely to help when money isn’t involved. There’s a variety of ways that people can help; they can let you borrow a vehicle, give you their time for help around the house, or you can barter for services. Then, when this rough period passes, and it will, pay it forward by being generous to others as people were generous to you.

Take a Part Time Job

Part time work takes many forms, and a lot of them are doing things that don’t require very much effort on your part. This is called passive income and it’s really the best kind. By becoming a storage host you can tap into some of this passive income. All it takes to be a storage host is to list your unused space, and let Hopperstock match you with a renter. Soon, you’ll be collecting rent for doing nothing more than letting someone store things like their 4-wheeler, or a couple of motorcycles in your garage.


Ignore Your Bills

The only thing worse than owing money, is owing late fees on top of that money. It’s tempting to just hide under your pillow, but sooner rather than later, you’ll have to face the music. Take a day to feel sorry for yourself and binge watch Netflix if you must, but then wake up the next day ready to make a plan. Brainstorm everything you can do to help yourself, cut expenses, and bring in extra cash. Start with the most reasonable thing on the list, whether that is asking a friend for help, or calling the bill collector for a time extension. Life rewards action, so get to it.

Rack Up Credit Cards

Credit cards are reserved for emergencies and being broke is an emergency, right? Yes and no. If you need groceries to eat, that’s one thing. Ordering a pizza and chicken wings and buying a case of beer is quite another. The thing with credit cards is that the bill always comes due eventually, usually with a nice fat stack of interest on top of it. You want to get out from under your bills not add to them. Only use the credit card when it’s absolutely necessary.

Being broke sucks. You’ve made mistakes. You’re forgiven. Now it’s time to be smart and make it better.

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