A little more cash never hurts. With business models evolving and the Internet becoming an integral part of how businesses work, it is now not possible to make money online. There are several answers to the question how to make money online, however, you do need some resources to set the ball rolling. Chief among them being real estate. Wisdom says that if you possess real estate in any form – a room, a warehouse, etc., that’s the first step towards making some extra money. With a changing economy and transactions evolving, here is a short list of all that you can do with the real estate you have that will make you money.

Here is a solid list on how to make money online.

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Rent it to a small-scale business

Start-ups are cropping up at a startling pace and they are looking for real estate that they can rent as their offices and warehouses. These small-scale businesses and start-ups are quite hassle-free to work with. With a flat hierarchy and a will to create goodwill, most of these start-ups are prompt in their payments like rentals, etc., and will ensure that everything goes on smoothly – unlike the creaky old machines that some big franchises are. Therefore, renting to a small scale business or a start-up makes sense.  Renting to a small-scale business or a start-up also makes sense. Chances are you might be helping a young kid come up with something that changes the world forever for good – and become part of history yourself.

Setting up a home office

It’s no longer just creative people who have a den of their own where they work. Mainstream professionals are setting up a home office, so they can create the ultimate work-life balance. After all, their dinner table could literally be a hop, skip and jump away from their work cubicle – that’s a life worth living. So, if you have a spare room or even a warehouse or garage that you aren’t using, you can go into business for yourself.  To set up a home office, you’d need some work like getting some office furniture, maybe a laptop and strong internet connection. With the right concept in mind, your home office could be a drastic rent saver if you intend to work part time from home.

Rent to Art

The creative community is always looking for some venue or the other where they can display and portray their products. Art galleries have been around for a long time, but the up and coming artist is still waiting to be discovered – and needs a venue for it. Your unused garage space or even one of your halls can be turned into an art gallery – something that you can either charge for, or agree to split the collections that such an art exhibition does. Renting for such events is not difficult. All you’d need to do is be a bit of a networker and internet savvy, so the right people find out that something like this is available.

Create a home studio

The Internet has thrown up quite a few job profiles we didn’t think would be existing just a decade ago. One of them is a streaming star. Some streaming stars have become famous even though they have had less than stellar production values in the beginning.  However, even the most popular streaming stars finally reach that stage where they require a studio that they can use to shoot their videos. The studio rental market is choc-a-bloc with options there’s always a place for an addition to the market. That’s because for an artist is always looking out for something new, something with a better aesthetic than what’s available in the market. If you have the right concept in mind, creating a home studio is a solid simple way to make money off your real estate.

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Rent as storage space

If you are looking for a non-intrusive, hassle-free way to make money out of your real estate, you could consider the storage space business. Basically, it involves renting out a portion of your house or even a spare room to companies that are looking to store their inventory or for a make-shift warehouse. This is one of the quickest ways to make money from real estate and requires very little work on your part. As nobody is going to stay in the real estate, you don’t really need to spruce it up.

These are some simple options for you to think about, if you are looking to make money off your real estate, without selling it off.

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