Very often, I come across people who are all the time wondering about making easy money from their spare garage space.

Well, this thought is appealing to a lot of us who have ample garage space. If you are looking out for sharing economy jobs, then this article is apt for you.

Here is a good list for you on Sharing Economy Jobs

Park at My House

One of the easiest ways of making some quick and easy money is to let others park their cars in your garage. This condition is applicable in situations where you are saddled with extra parking space in your garage. The idea of renting a garage to your neighbors is fast catching up with several Ohio neighborhoods.

The idea of ‘park at my house’ gained traction a few years back when residents were faced with climbing mortgage costs. The banks, from which you and I borrowed loans for buying our houses, did not shy away from raising interest rates later on. Some homeowners found this situation daunting and quickly disposed of their properties, while others quickly found a way of making quick and easy money. They hit upon the ‘rent my drive’ idea to offset the increased mortgage rates and the rest is history.

Rent the space to travelers

But renting your garage is not the only idea of making money from your house. In fact, if you concentrate just on the ‘park at my house’ idea, then at some point down the line, your revenue stream would dry up, eventually. The reason behind this situation is easy to explain – it is anticipated that more and more Ohio residents will give up their cars for shared driving experiences.

So how will you recover your costs from your extra parking space when there will be hardly any cars?

Let’s make this job easier for you.

  • How about letting out your parking space to traveling salespersons? I am assuming that your extra garage will have enough space for a big-size car. In case you indeed want to rent this space to travelers, then it is time to refurbish it. This means that you need to rid this area of bad smells (emanating from motor oil and lubes) and make the space livable.
  • Make the walls smooth and soundproof, get a new flooring, have some storage space built for keeping personal belongings and you are good to go.
  • Before you invite your first customer, register your new business with the tax authorities so that you are on the right side of the law and don’t have to bother about getting tax notices.
  • Another thing that you need to do before having tenants is to have separate washrooms and loos for them. Make this space truly independent and functional. And yes, don’t forget to have windows to let ample sunlight in.

Convert the extra space into a Radio Station

If the question “how can I make easy money” continually bothers you, then here is another option.

Do you have a gift of the gab? Or rather, do you think that you have a gift of the gab? If yes, then, why don’t you convert your extra garage space to an amateur radio station? Believe me, a lot of Ohio residents are doing exactly that and making money from thin air! But, first things first, let’s understand how you can go about setting your radio station from your garage:-

  • First, figure out whether you need to have a license for your set-up.
  • Next, also figure out whether you want to set up a commercial radio station or a community one. The objectives of both the kinds of stations are different. Your license requirements will also vary in both the case.
  • Once you have finalized what you want, then it is time to calculate the money required to set up your radio pad. Post that, you then have to convert your extra garage space to a full-fledged radio station. For this, you will need some extra help as setting up of even a ham radio station requires some technical expertise.
  • Believe me, this is one of the most creative, and profitable by-products of having an extra space in your garage. Actually, this way, you are only following your passion.

Hopperstock - Convert your garage into a radio station

Now that you have understood the various ways by which you can make quick and easy money, we hope you will stop worrying about your finances. There are other ways too, of earning from your garage. There is no limit to doing well in your life. All that is required is a little bit of imagination and meeting the right set of people.

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