Do you want to list your space for rent and make some extra money this month? Do you have some extra space around your home, either in your attic or basement that seems to go to waste? Why let it sit unused, or storing worthless junk, when you can put your unused space to work for you.

Enjoy the perks of passive income without too much extra work by renting out your unused space using a service such as HopperStock. Listing your space might seem intimidating at first, but with some help and guidance you will be well on your way to earning money in no time. That is where we come in. This article can be a guide for you throughout the process of learning how to list your space for rent.

List your backyard shed to rent with HopperStock

Find the space

List your backyard shed to rent with HopperStock
List your backyard shed to rent with HopperStock

While renting out your extra storage space is an easy way to make passive income each month, it can be difficult to find that space in the first place. This article on how to find storage space offers 3 easy ideas for finding that extra space in your house. You can start putting your extra square footage to work each month, earning you passive income that can either help pay the bills or perhaps pay for a fun vacation for your family. From your attic to your garage, and everything in between, if you can think outside the box you can probably find a space that is just what someone else is looking for to rent and store their belongings.

Do you have a barn or other extra building on your property? Can you clean it up and fix it up, making it an ideal space for someone to store their camping equipment or other seasonal outdoor equipment. There are plenty of people looking for just what you already have; using a peer to peer storage community such as Hopperstock can provide an easy way to connect with others in your area. This can make for an easy process to follow allowing you to quickly rent out your space and start making money right away.

How to list your space

So, you’re ready to get started and want to list your space so you can start making money right away? But how can you list your space in a way that will allow you to charge top dollar and really showcase how great your storage space really is? This article lays out the steps you need to take on how to list your garage space for rent on HopperStock. What amenities do you have to offer? What geographic location are you located in, whether you are close in to the city or out in the country with lots of space, either way you offer a unique location for your future renters.

How much space are you offering up in your listing? What items are you allowing to be stored? You can limit your garage space to those looking to store an extra vehicle only. Or you can open it up to all kinds of extra belongings and boxes. You get to set the rules and parameters for the area you are listing on HopperStock. Are you willing to offer long term storage? Or would you rather limit it to short term storage just for the winter, again you are in control of your listings and the options offer great flexibility. It has never been easier to earn extra passive income without having to do any extra work.

Get a high rating

You have too much space and someone else has too much stuff, it has never been easier to make extra money each month. Using a peer to peer storage community website such as HopperStock to list your extra space, you can easily connect with someone in your area looking to store their extra items. However, when you list your space, you want to make sure that you get a high rating so that you can get your space rented out at top dollar. This article shows 4 mistakes other hosts have made which negatively affected their ratings. Don’t be like these guys, learn from their mistakes so you can create an amazing listing that will find you the perfect renter.

From finding the space, to listing your space and then getting a high rating these articles map out the process of renting out your extra space. This will allow you to make the most bang for your buck and get you started on the path to making extra passive income quickly. Check out these articles before you get started, and then create your profile with HopperStock today. You won’t regret getting started when that monthly check starts coming in. Go list your space now.

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