With the Ohio real estate market booming, businesses are outsourcing to nearby smaller storage units rather than a large expensive warehouse for rent. If you need a warehouse primarily as a holding facility, then self-storage units might have the advantage. Storage units can hold inventory, office supplies, furniture, paperwork, tax documents, or whatever is cluttering up your primary office or workspace to maximize production.

Here are 5 benefits of using smaller storage space as a warehouse


According to the Self Storage Association, most people only travel 3 to 5 miles to get to their storage units. Warehouses are usually located in the industrial section on the far end of town, or outside of town altogether. Depending on where your office is located, that could mean several wasted hours in travel time. A peer-to-peer storage market can offer conveniently based units located throughout town or in high demand areas. Why not stay local and save time? Rent a storage unit that’s just a few blocks away (or even across the street in some cases.)

2- Cheaper Rent2

Prices for smaller units are cheaper and you’re not locked into long-term lease contracts. You can easily find a storage unit for office warehouse space for less than a hundred dollars a month. Renting a full warehouse can cost thousands per month, not to mention additional overhead costs for utilities, insurance, or security services. With peer-to-peer storage space rentals, much of those costs are already factored into the monthly rental price.

3- Small is Good

A common mistake of many new small-scale business owners is trying to grow too fast too quickly. Rather than renting or buying a huge warehouse that won’t be fully utilized, take advantage of a smaller storage unit. You can always get more space later as you need it, or cut back as you need it. Renting smaller storage units are good for large businesses too. They can save the headache and expense of real estate management. Smaller units are better suited for storing smaller inventory like office documents or supplies in a more easily accessible location. 

4- Garage for Rent

A garage can be a great warehouse space too. Connected or separate lock up garages to rent are a good option as well and can have as many amenities as a commercial storage unit but less cost. The peer-to-peer business model is taking advantage of a new market of warehouse options. There benefit of repurposing existing structures located in a more accessible or convenient part of town is good for both your business and the environment.

5-The Peer-to-Peer Market is More Personable

Instead of renting from a commercial corporation with CEOs, managers, and employees, you will be renting warehouse space directly from the owner of the property, or a close representative. Using the peer-to-peer business model means participating in a mutually beneficial business agreement. It’s simply two people trying to help each other out; an honorable and ultimately satisfying way to conduct business.

Let Hopperstock help grow your business by locating the perfect storage unit for your warehouse needs.

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