Getting ready to move? You need moving storage. Every year, a little over 40 million people change addresses in the United States. Whether you’re in the beginning stages of house hunting or are taping up boxes to load onto the moving truck, you likely have a problem. You have an overwhelming amount of stuff. Finding a temporary place to store your possessions during whichever part of the moving process you’re in can make your life a whole lot easier (and it’s cheaper than you think).

Why You Need Moving Storage


If you paid a professional stager to come in and make your home showroom ready, they would likely pack up over 80% of your personal belongings. That’s a shocking amount of stuff that needs to be put somewhere else. The reason is because potential buyers want to see a pleasant, clean, and most of all, impersonal space. They want to imagine themselves filling up the rooms of their new house with their belongings. Looking at too much of your stuff will clutter up that daydream.

Framed family photos, liquor, jewelry, guns, tools, exercise equipment, collections displays, most artwork, excess toys and clothes, and anything else that clutters up a room should be moved to a storage space to stage your home properly. You’ll need to pack up everything when you move anyway, so this will only help to put you ahead of the game, and break the enormous task of moving into smaller, more manageable stages.

Time Gap Between Changing Houses

Despite everyone’s best efforts, sometimes moving to your preferred address can be more complicated than picking up your stuff from Point A and setting it down forever at Point B. Closing dates on corresponding houses can be misaligned anywhere from a few days to a few months. Or maybe after years of renting, you’ve decided to move back home with your parents until you can save up enough money for a down payment on your dream home. Whatever the reason, you’ve probably accumulated a lot of stuff over the years that won’t fit neatly into your parents basement (or life). Finding a place for your things until you’re ready to move into your new house, whether it be for a few months or a few years, will make life easier for everyone.

Move in Stages

Starting with a blank slate home is cathartic as it can show you what things you really need to have and what things you really don’t. If you’re using storage space, you can move things in at a leisurely pace instead of having a moving company dump it off all at once. Start by bringing in the essentials: bed, couch, dining table and chairs. After that, you might decide that you really don’t need that old reclining chair or golf clubs you completely forgot about and didn’t even miss. Or, if your new house needs some remodeling projects tackled such as new carpet or refinished floors, having your stuff safely stored off-site will be a major convenience.

Finding a nearby storage space is the way to go when you’re moving for these reasons and more. Check out Hopperstock’s listing of available spaces in your area and discover how convenient and affordable it is to store your things and make your home organization and your life a whole lot easier while moving.

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