We are all aware of the term “sharing is caring”. The term was imbibed in our minds as kids through various value inculcating modes of education. However, with the passage of time, this term somehow decimated itself from our conscience due to the selfish and self-obsessive emotions. However, in the very recent time, a new concept emerged with a concoction of values to share and earn that extra buck that has created quite an impact on the lifestyle of many in different parts of the country. This concept goes by the term ‘Sharing Economy’.

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Importance of sharing economy in today’s materialistic world

Although the sharing economy is termed to be in its embryo stage, yet it estimates a whopping 26 billion dollar industry with its growing pace and popularity, as people have realized its benefits and the monetary package it carries along with it. In the yesteryears, sharing was not a popular belief, mainly because of the possessiveness that people had with respect to their assets and fear of it being encroached. They were hesitant to entertain the idea of sharing anything with a stranger. But as the perspective of people changed, so did their mindset towards sharing. The rising cost and high living standards were also major contributors to the change of thought. As it has already proved so very beneficial, more and more people are readily using this concept. Adding an extra income to your pockets, the idea should be propagated more and more to spread awareness of its benefits.

HopperStock- A component of the concept

Many companies adopted this concept of ‘sharing economy’ and have based their structure on this idea. One such company is HopperStock. A real estate company which created a platform for people who have extra vacant storage units or an empty room or unused garage space to invite different prospective customers who are interested in utilizing that space, to do so at a specific fee, which is mutually decided, according to the requirement. For example, an unexpected and sudden source of income (a lucky night in Vegas) got you excited enough to buy that car you always dreamt of, only to realize that your garage has no space to house the beauty. So what do you after a bout of crying the entire night for fear of parting away with your recently prized possession? Sharing Economy is the answer to your problem. Locate a house in your neighborhood that is giving away garage space for rent and you have a new accommodation for your dreams on wheels.

Easy earnings for mothers without compromising any family time

With the monthly expenditures piling up, it is mandatory for both, the man and the lady of the house to do their bit and earn moolah to pay for these expenditures. And with a recent addition to the family (a cute little baby), it gets difficult for the mother to work and take care of the kid at the same time. The shared economy has resulted in the rise of work from home jobs for mothers. They do not have to move out of the house, away from their comfort zones and can multitask like looking after the house, looking after the kids, maintaining the house as well as earning extra bucks. In this manner, the mothers need not depend on salaries from jobs and can raise a respectable amount for their day to day expenses.  This way, they can work part-time from home and spend time with their kids as well.

How to generate additional income in free time?

The money that is generated by letting out the extra space can be further utilized to start a small scale business. One can operate this business by hiring people to market the space and take care of the administration as well. Even a simple housewife who is sitting idle at home, who is not monetarily productive, can indulge herself in this small-scale business.

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Apart from this, a partial house for sale on a temporary basis is also an effective way of earning extra money through the sharing economy concept.

This concept of “sharing economy” has really developed in certain states like Ohio, with a hike in work from home moms contributing their expertise for the betterment of their lives as well as others.

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