Hello there. I don’t know you, but at the cost of stereotyping, assuming you are reading this, let me try describing your life:

Adulting is getting dressed in clothes that you buy for work, driving through traffic in a car that you are still paying for, in order to get to a job that you need so you can pay for the clothes, car and the house that you leave empty all day in order to afford to live in it.

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Sadly yes, but I did strike a chord there, right? Rents, mortgages are the common features of our life, be it any social strata you might belong to. The bane of compound interest, unreasonable mortgage rates, and the ever-ballooning inflation ensures that we remain stuck in the vicious circle of earn-pay EMI- earn more till eternity. It’s not rocket science and we all know that we end up paying double the actual amount of the purchased property price eventually and a non-refundable amount if you are renting a place.

What is all the fuss about storage business for sale or how to earn money?

So are we heading into a tunnel with no light? Or though we are all in the gutter, we should still be looking at the stars?

You have won half the battle already if you are inclined towards the hope-filled and optimistic second alternative.

So here are some ways people around you are already using to earn extra money and complement their already existing steady income:

Rent out storage units space to small scale businesses

There is always that one extra room you end up paying for, that you kept unused for “just in case” situations. Well, surely the landlord or the banks don’t plan to discount you for the nonusage of that extra guest room or that unused storeroom, right? So what do you do? Make a storage business for sale out of this. Encourage shared economy by renting the space out. Even as a tenant, you are actually sub-letting without technically sub-letting. In places especially like Ohio, where big houses are such a norm, it doesn’t kill to adopt this work part time from home kind of a model.

Rooms for rent-

Don’t just rent out the extra property you have, live with your tenant and be the charming landlord of the paying guest. Let the tenant pay for your rent or mortgage

Small scale business

Silicon Valley stories are full of anecdotes of multi-million companies starting out of a garage. If garage works, then why not that empty space inside your home? Start on your own as a home organization and work part time from home or rent it out to a budding start-up and maybe become a part of history.

Hopperstock - Earn with your house

Astronomically speaking, space is infinite but in this inconsequential pale blue dot of a planet, urban as well as rural spaces are sparse and hence costly!

Since everyone needs their space and you have some extra, won’t you share it for money?

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