How to Organize Your Comic Book Collection

How to Organize Your Comic Book Collection

Organizing Your Comic Book Collection

Organize Your Comic Book Collection Like a Pro

Learn the best ways to organize your comic book collection before placing your valuables in storage.

Comic books are a collector’s item that has been around for years and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert collector with comic books, you‘re constantly figuring out how to organize your comic book collection.

Before moving your collectibles into a storage unit, your prized possessions need to be stored properly to avoid any damages. Books are precious and comic books are no different. Their intricate designs and graphics require specific types of packaging in order to last longer.

How to Organize Your Comic Book Collection

While it is easy to get into the storage business, you can’t start without a space. Finding the space is first step to getting into the storage space and making your property work for you.

You can easily turn empty spaces into money in your pocket with the right space and the right renter.

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There are multiple options when it comes to organizing your comic book collection and cleaning up your space.


A basic option but also one of the most efficient, bookshelves are a way you can organize your comic book collection. If you have a collection that isn’t too hectic, you should be able to fit the majority of your collection on the shelves. When selecting your bookshelves, make sure you look for pieces that have adjustable shelves and are narrow. This allows you to adjust the sizes of the shelves and fit all sizes of comic books.



2. File Folders

If you’re a collector of single volume comic books, this is a great option for organizing. Everyone may not be a fan of placing their comic books in plastic bags but folders will suffice. One of the most popular filing folders to place your comic books are accordion type folders. The accordion filing folders come in a range of sizes and can be great for when you want to loan your comic book series’ to a friend.


3. Boxes

The most basic yet efficient way to organize your comic book collection is to grab a few boxes. If you have a big collection of comics, boxes are ideal and can help relieve your space of clutter before you move your comic book collection into storage. A specific type of box to look into would be short and long boxes, these allow for you to fit a range of comic books to organize and the cardboard in these specific type of boxes are made to prevent harsh moisture conditions. If you have a massive collection of comics, long boxes will be your go to and you’ll need a short box for a smaller collection.

4. Custom Organization

There’s a range of custom boxes that you can use when organizing your comic book collection. Some collectors may want something that’s more fitting to their collection size and different environment needs to preserve their comic books. With custom boxes, you can place them in storage or even mounted to put the comics on display.


When organizing your comic book collection, you can avoid storing the comics in a pile on the floor. Comic book collections are valuable and have to be treated as such. Keeping them organized in the different options will ensure that your comic book collection survives through different life events. Organization methods keep the comic books safe and sturdy in the event of moving, different temperature and environment changes, and can stand the test of the time as your collection grows bigger.