Whether you’re storing large recreational vehicles, getting ready to move, or you’ve simply outgrown the available space in your house, storage units have become the answer to the “what am I going to do with all this stuff” problem. But, they don’t have to be just for storage. People have become pretty creative with finding ways to utilize space away from home. Here are 4+ideas of other uses for storage units that don’t have anything to do with storage.

Personal Gym

Gym equipment takes up a lot of room. Free weights and benches, treadmills, home-gyms,  stationary bikes, hand weight sets, yoga mats, and mirrors are space hogs. If you have limited space at home, don’t want to fight for equipment time at a public gym, or just like the thought of working out in privacy, a rental space turned private gym might become your new favorite place away from home.

Artist’s Studio

Any artist knows that the muse only pays a visit when there is a quiet space free from distractions to appease her. If you’re a photographer, painter, sculptor, writer, or any other type of artist, having a private place to think and create in peace will do wonders for your art. Also, you won’t need to pack up all your equipment when you’re done. The beauty of using a storage unit for your studio means that storage space won’t be a problem.

Wrenching Garage

If you live in an apartment or condo you probably have next to next to zero spaces for car or motorcycle maintenance. You may even be prohibited from working on your car in the parking lot (if you even have a parking lot). If cars are your passion, there are lock up garages to rent in your area that would be ideal. Share the cost with a friend and you’d be paying relatively little for a secure garage.

Office Space

If you’re starting a business or you work from home, but find home a little too demanding to get anything done? Consider renting a storage unit for a personal office. Whether you need a place to warehouse inventory, or just small area for a desk and a laptop and a place to think. This small investment could make the difference between bucks or bust, and in addition, the cost is tax-deductible

Other Storage-Free Storage Unit Ideas

Workshop for woodworking, welding, or metal forging*
Emergency/Survival prepping, caching bug-out room,
Music or Garage Band practice space*
Man Cave or Game Room
Arts and Crafts Room

*There may be some regulations that you will need to inform your landlord about for legal reasons. For instance, a rental space for band practice won’t work in a neighborhood with a noise ordinance. Or if you are welding or using open flame equipment, there may be insurance requirements to be made. Let your landlord know what you intend to do with the space to protect yourself from any legal action.

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