lock up garages to rent

Packing Your Storage Unit Like a Pro

lock up garages to rent
lock up garages to rent

There are many reasons to rent out a storage unit. Maybe you’re moving or it’s time to move some things out of your space to maximize room. Whatever the reason may be, utilizing a storage space is the way to go when it’s a temporary decision.

You have the space rented and are dreading the day that you have to pack everything and move it in. Packing up your boxes and moving them in your storage unit won’t be a miserable process if you’re well organized.

If you need quick tips on organizing and packing your storage like a pro, keep reading and find a few solutions that will work for you.

Use packing material like bubble wrap to store your items and keep them safe.
Use packing material like bubble wrap to store your items and keep them safe.

1.Stack up your boxes and maximize space

The best professional advice is to always box as many things together as possible. Don’t waste space by storing things individually. Items such as clothes and even kitchenware can be placed in boxes together. When you have multiple boxes, you’re able to pack your storage unit in a more organized way. Stack your boxes in different patterns to ensure that you have enough room to store your items and you can move in and out of the storage unit with ease.


2. Use Packing material

If you’ve rented out a storage space in your community then you’ve already saved money. Don’t take the cheap route and use blankets or newspapers to cover your valuables. Invest in bubble wrap and plastic sheets to protect items that may be fragile or sensitive to environmental damage.

A quick pro tip: Newspaper ink can eventually rub off on your items and permanently stain them.

3. Label everything in your storage unit

When packing your storage unit, labeling is essential. If you’re using the same type of boxes, it’s easy to get things confused with one another. You want to be able to move in and out of your storage unit space with ease. Don’t make the mistake of leaving all of your boxes blank and not being able to find something as simple as a notebook. You can also make a detailed list of all of your items in the storage unit so you don’t spend too much time going through boxes.

4. Take advantage of empty space with other items

Pack your storage unit like a pro and use up any empty space with items like dressers and wardrobes, even fridges. Once you have the heavier items packed in their space in the storage unit, you can store other smaller items inside. This will leave room for more boxes or you can create a pathway with the additional space.


Work smarter not harder when you’re packing up your storage space. Moving items don’t have to be stressful and you don’t have to be a professional to pack your storage unit like a pro.

Having space is important and making sure you can locate all of your items is essential to the packing process.