The sharing economy is booming, and with that comes many passive income opportunities, such as peer to peer storage communities like Hopperstock.

Are you in between jobs right now? Or maybe, you are a freelancer who is looking for a form of steady passive income to help out when you are between contracts. Either way, turning an empty or little-used space into a money maker is a great opportunity for you.

HopperStock is a peer to peer storage community, but what does that mean exactly? Well, instead of renters choosing to store their stuff with the big box, impersonal storage facilities they are looking around their neighborhood. This allows them to find something a little closer to home. They can instead store their hobby equipment or recreational vehicles in a garage that might even be right in their community.

Look around your garage and home for possible spaces to rent out

This can feel more like going to a second home to check on their belongings rather than to a sprawling facility that is miles outside of town. Take advantage of this new opportunity to make some money each month by renting out space that is currently going unused.

Why let your garage sit dormant, when it can start earning you a paycheck this month?

A great opportunity for passive income

Are you in between jobs at the moment? Did your old company downsize and eliminate your position? Or are you just in between contracts at the moment? Whatever the case, you can fill in the gaps and pay your bills by renting out some of the space you already have.

Whether it is a corner in your garage or your entire attic or basement, you can list your space with a peer to peer storage community such as HopperStock. This form of passive income might be just what you need to bridge the gap between paychecks. Check out this article for three ideas you can implement if you find yourself in between jobs.

Before you can list your space however, it would be a good idea to prepare the space for listing. Below are the three simple steps we encourage you to do to maximize the amount of passive income you can bring in each month.

Rent out your shed for passive income opportunities

Prepare your space

Do you have an empty space that is not doing you any good? You can turn that unused space into a money maker by using peer to peer community storage such as HopperStock. However, you can’t just list your space without first getting it ready to list. Just as you might stage a home you are selling, a little extra work can bring in top dollar when you list your space on HopperStock. Follow these three easy steps to prepare your storage space.

First, a quick cleaning is in order, you don’t want to be taking pictures of a dusty attic for your listing. Second, an easy organization project can increase your asking price. Think about setting up some shelves in the garage for example. When you are brainstorming ideas, think about who might be looking for your space. What will help draw them to choose your listing over another one?

Lastly, look around your space with the eye of a renter. Is there any weather or element prevention you can do to increase the value of your space? Are you looking to list an old barn in your backyard? There are plenty of people who are just looking for a place to store their oversized toys for the winter. Boats or 4-wheelers are great examples of items people would be grateful to store in your barn. However, a little winterization of your structure will give peace of mind to your renter and increase the amount you can ask for each month.

So, if you are looking for an easy way to bring in some extra money each month, then peer to peer storage might just be the perfect solution for you. Whether you are looking for passive income to fund a vacation or simply fil in the gap while you are between paychecks, you could be making money this month.

Look around your home and property for any unused space you can rent out.

By following the three simple steps listed above you can easily bring in top dollar and start turning your garage into a money making machine. There are passive income opportunities around your property right now. You just need to look around and find them, then follow the step by step process to cashing in on your unused space.

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