Peer to peer marketplace serves as a medium that allows buyers and sellers to interact freely and also the exchange of goods and services. This system is becoming popular every now and then as it provides more opportunities to the users.

Through this article, we will be discussing peer to peer marketplaces that are perfect for people earning a second living.

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peer to peer marketplaces

Peer to peer market places


Amazon is an online peer to peer platform which originally as a site for selling books but today Amazon sells tens of thousands of various products starting from books, clothes, fishing rods, guitars and many more.

Now how do you make money through Amazon?

There are many ways you can make money on amazon depending on which one that fits you most;

  • Sell a product using Amazon’s FBA.
  • Retail arbitrage- which means buying at low cost and selling at a high cost.
  • Work as a delivery fulfillment warehouse associate.
  • Work as Amazon flex.
  • Become an Amazon affiliate through blogging.
  • Through publishing an ebook on Amazon.
  • By selling your designs with Amazon Merch.


Ebay is also an online peer to peer platform that allows the exchange of products in a variety of places all over the world and different.

Now let us look at how you can make money through eBay;

The best way to make money is by buying and selling things. eBay allows you to market your products and creating a conducive environment for your clients.

This is a great way for you to make money from home just using your basic knowledge and computer skills. There are many people who do this business on a full-time basis and they live a very expensive life. I have a friend of mine who recently built a house worth $300,000 and he is not employed anywhere in this world. You too can become part of that great team when you decide to.


Airbnb is simply a system that connects homeowners and travelers who need temporary accommodation and is available worldwide. Usually, Airbnb acts as a guarantor because the payment is done through it and not directly to the homeowner.

For you to make money through Airbnb, you need to have an extra house or apartment that you do not use. To get started you need to create an account and that is all you need.


Unlike another peer to peer marketplaces, Ubber only provides transport services and not selling and buying of products.

For you to partner with Uber, you need to register your car with them then download their customer application. With these applications, clients will request you to take them to different places that they want to go to. With Uber, you don’t have to look for clients but they will connect you themselves. Also, Uber receives payments directly from the client and after a short period of time, they will pay you.


Etsy works similar to eBay, the difference is that Etsy only focuses on handmade and art products.

If you are that kind of a person who is creative in arts then this is the best site for you to make money from. Just get started by opening up your account with them and you will be able to meet potential clients who will be interested in purchasing your products.


Craigslist is another peer to peer platform but unlike other platforms, craigslist is not e-commerce based. The site has huge traffic and you can sell anything you want because many Americans usually look for something interesting or rare. If you can make something interesting then this could be the best side for you to make money from.


Zibbet is an online market place same as Etsy, it allows you to sell handmade and art products. The only difference is that Zibbet allows you to place 10 products even without payment.

As I said before, if you are a talented person in art then you can earn a lot of money from this site.

My thought

The Internet has come along with many interesting things that are very helpful when you only understand to go about it. If you are that kind of a person like me who hate going to work for somebody each and every morning then the internet can be a great source of employment to you.

Just register with any of the above mentioned online marketplaces and automatically you will become your own boss. You decide when to work and when not to work unlike where you are employed and your boss is the one who controls your daily schedule.

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