For the families who are overwhelmed with the amount of items a student takes from home when they move off to college, this post is for you. While it could seem daunting to think about transporting all of your son or daughter’s bedding, comic book collections, sports memorabilia, and clothing between home and their designated university, have no fear! Peer to peer storage can improve overall college transportation.

What is peer to peer storage?

According to, “peer to peer storage connects people who have stuff they need to store (renters) to local homeowners and business owners (hosts) who have extra space in their garage, attic, or basement.

The whole concept of peer to peer storage is to make it more convenient for people to live their life and still keep their valuables in a safe place. Going off to college is a new challenge, but storage should not be one of them.

We at Hopper Stock believe in connecting individuals and neighbors who enjoy living life. To do that, we all need to protect ourselves and belongings first. When your valuables are kept in a self-storage unit or basement, you can gain a sense of comfort from knowing nothing will be stolen or lost. Nonetheless, your minds can then focus on being present in the moment and not on where yours or your son’s comic book collection is located.

The Benefits of Peer to Peer Storage For Your Family


For new and old families alike, money is usually a major factor in considering your child’s college choice. Some students obtain a scholarship, while others do not. However, with basement and garage storage, like those found in peer to peer storage, families can save money on storing their material goods. Instead of using big name storage facilities, of which can become expensive, the idea of using a service that shares an empty room or garage in a neighbor’s house, is much more economical! The more money your family can save in storage costs; the more money you will have to lend to your son or daughter while they are away at college.

Provides Protection

Protection is one of the most promising benefits of peer to peer storage, and these local storage units indeed do provide a significant degree of protection. The reason these peer to peer storage units offer such great protection is because they are being offered by individuals in your local community who want to help you live your life! Free of the stress that may come with transporting goods. You will be able to, as a renter, have a secure and consistent exchange of information with your host on when and how you want to access your materials. Therefore, you are always updated if needed and on your own time.

Acquires Space

Self-storage facilities come in all shapes and sizes, and so do peer to peer storage units! Fortunately, in our modern world we are able to renovate places to accommodate people all over the world from different cultures and upbringings to fit your needs. Depending on how much space you need for your goods to be stored in a convenient and affordable place, there are many options available to you in your search. In fact, Hopper Stock makes it easy for you to access local individuals, like those in East Cleveland and Bay Village for example, who are providing spaces for rent that you can conveniently access year round.

Meet New People

Going off to college, your children will definitely meet new people. This process of finding a safe and affordable peer to peer storage space can start that journey of meeting new people! When you are helping your children transition between college and their home, it is an exciting time. Why not share your excitement with your neighbor, who could have possibly gone to a similar college and would be willing to share their stories as they help you move in all your items into the space they are providing. The more trust and sense of community that is created between you and your renter, the more confident you will be in your decision to store with them.

Have Fun

Last, but not least, have fun in this process! Always keep in the back of your mind that the adventure you and your children are about to go on is one you will never forget. These peer to peer storage units that are provided by your renter allow you to release all your anxieties about where to put everything. Nonetheless, it also de-clutters your basement that you probably had been meaning to address after your children left for college! So, enjoy the new space and find comfort in knowing your child and their most valued items will be safe.

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