Ahh…road trip season is about to roll around the corner. You’ve taken the tarp off the RV, scrubbed the winter grime off the outside panels, changed the oil, checked the tires, and called for reservations at your favorite RV parks for the summer. You are ready to hit the road, find the sun, and collect those new destination bumper stickers. What if you could make some extra income to fund your road trip while doing nothing more than going on your vacation as planned? If you rent out the space where you’ve been parking your RV all winter, you can do just that. After, all, gas is expensive. Why not let someone else pay for it? If you’re retired, or even if you’re not, you can become a storage host and earn extra money.

As long as you own or have property rights to the place that you’ve been storing the RV— whether that is a garage, part of your yard, a covered carport, you can even rent your driveway— these are valuable spaces of real estate that you can rent out while you’re gone and earn money for it at the same time. Easy money doesn’t get much easier. It’s like having a part time job and helping others at the same time–with hardly any effort on your part.

Every spring people are eager to run out to buy new or more outdoor recreational vehicles such as 4-wheelers, jet skis, motorcycles and RV’s. It’s a booming business for fun loving outdoorsy people such as yourself. The problem is many of these same people are running out of space to park these large purchases. How about providing them with a much needed service by letting them, for a reasonable fee, park in your space while you’re gone?

Short-Term or Long-Term Leasing

How long you choose to rent out your parking space is up to you, whether it’s a week, a month, or a whole season. Some people only need a short term lease for a temporary storage problem anyway. And it isn’t only people with outdoor recreational vehicles looking for parking space to rent. People who are moving or staging their house to sell often only need a place to store their extra boxes and furniture for a short time. Your empty garage could be an ideal situation for both of you. Small businesses are looking for extra warehouse space, artists are looking for a quiet place to practice their craft. Garage bands are looking for a place to rock (if it’s okay with your neighbors, that is.) People’s needs are endless and you can cash in on those needs.

Things to Consider Before Renting Your RV Parking Space

  • Adequate Space If you’ve been parking your RV there for the winter, you obviously have a good deal of empty space you can offer someone this summer. Is there enough room for more than an RV? Could a boat or 4-wheeler fit there as well? The more square footage you can provide the more you can charge.
  • Security People have paid hard-earned money, and in most cases, a lot of money for their purchases. Does your garage have locking doors or does your lot have a fence with limited access? If so, you can charge more money for the extra security you provide. If not, it isn’t a deal breaker. Your parking space is still valuable, but you may charge a little less for it.
  • Neighbors Do you have neighbors nearby? Notify them that you are renting out your space, so as not to alarm them when strangers show up on your property while you are gone.
  • How Much Money Can You Make? There are a lot of variables that go into deciding what to charge for your space, such as location, amenities, and others details such as those listed above. Some parking spaces can bring in several hundred dollars a month. Click here to find out more information. 

If bringing in extra retirement income by doing little more than going on your RV road trip this summer as planned sounds like an interesting and profitable opportunity to you, check out the HopperStock registration page to find out how easy it is to register or get in touch with someone who can help you get started.

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