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Space allotted for use is located in the attic of the house. The space is approx 15′ long and 5′ wide– there is a 2.5′ isle of extra space along the edge of the room where the roof pitches; 5′ describes only the area where I can stand completely upright.

All in all 75 ft sq of walkable space. An additional 30-40 sq ft of storage space on where the pitch of the roof meets the floor.

The attic is unfinished. It is clean and free of moisture. The space is two flights of stairs up. The stair well leading to the attic is narrow and steep– I would not recommend storing anything much larger than an arm chair as it will likely be difficult to maneuver up/down the stairs. It is possible, however, to get something bigger than a chair up if absoloutly necessary.

Images will be posted when the space becomes available for use.


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