There’s a new wild card in the business of storage. The days of storing your valuables with commercial companies are slowly fading and peer-to-peer storage is on the rise. Storage spaces in your community offer lower prices and more flexibility for holding your valuables.
If you’re looking for reasons to store your items in an unused storage space, check out this list and see why you should use peer-to-peer storage.

Why you should use peer-to-peer storage
Why you should use peer-to-peer storage

-You’re saving money

Who doesn’t love keeping a few extra bucks in their pocket? When you use a community storage space, you’re able to cut costs. Your neighbor or someone across town may have a garage space to rent out. Don’t worry about getting hit over the head with hidden fees because terms can be more flexible. By using a peer-to-peer storage option, you’ll be saving between 30%-60% on costs.

Save Money When You Use Peer To Peer Storage
Save Money When You Use Peer To Peer Storage

-No hassles with peer-to-peer storage

The reservation process with community storage is a one-click process and hassle-free. When using this option for storage you don’t have to worry about receiving phone calls every single day for follow-ups. Receive a communication only if you specify that with your host.

-You’re using a trusted host

Similar to the services of Airbnb, all hosts for storage must register first. Once the host is registered, the storage platform conducts in-depth research. You’ll know exactly whose space you’re utilizing and how to contact them at all times. Unlike commercial storage companies, peer-to-peer storage companies will allow you open communication and you can put a face to a name.
You are no longer waiting for business hours to resume to get in touch with a manager about your storage space. Once connected with a host, you can establish a relationship and communication schedule on your own terms, how convenient!

-Your storage space goes through inspection

You’ll get exactly what you pay for. No need to be worried about being scammed or being hoodwinked by photos online. In addition to your host being researched and certified so is the storage space. Community storage platforms like Hopperstock conduct professional site reviews before posting the storage unit. You’ll know exactly what type of space you’ll be renting.

-Flexibility with terms and space options

Since the peer-to-peer storage business is about connecting hosts with renters like yourself, you’re able to communicate on your own. There is no hassle of going through management or customer service. If something comes up and you need to adjust the dates or times, no biggie. Your host is a click away and can work with you to make the rental process as smooth as possible.

Along with the different storage unit options, each host can offer amenities. Instead of having a “one fits all” storage space, you’re able to find something that meets all of your requirements.

Although this service is available in a few cities, it is something to take advantage of if it’s in your area. If it’s local to you, look into storing items this winter or even in the spring and summer. Take advantage of having accessible and secure storage options while transitioning between places or seeking out adventure.

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