Are you spending your evenings searching Google for ways to make money from home? Why not put your home to work for you while you enjoy your weekends instead?

Do you have a garage you aren’t really using anyway? How about attic space that is going unused each month? Don’t let this wasted space go another month without putting it to work making passive income for you each month.

Every month people in your community are searching for a place to store items without having to use the over-sized and impersonal storage companies. At the end of each summer, someone in your neighborhood is looking for a weather-proof space to store their summer gear such as a boat or Jet Ski.

Why not offer up your space for rent each month and collect money to rent out space that was otherwise going unused. You can rent to short term renters visiting your city for a long weekend. Or you can also rent out any unused storage space to someone looking to store their extra belongings.

Put your home to work

Vacation rentals

There are plenty of apps out there offering to help you rent out your spare bedroom. These companies connect home owners to those looking to rent only a room instead of an entire apartment. Possible renters include everyone from weekend warriors, who just need a warm bed for a few nights, to travelling professionals who might need a slightly longer stay.

Renting out your spare bedroom to travelers can be a fun way to make extra money and meet new people. However, it is not the most passive choice for putting your home to work for you.

When you rent out your spare bedroom or basement for rent to short term renters, you will need to clean it between each tenant. This can become tedious if too many people only want to stay for one night. You could always hire someone to clean it for you, but you will still need to coordinate schedules and be sure that it is really getting cleaned. For these reasons, this form of putting your home to work for you is not very passive.

Put your home to work and at home desk

Storage rentals

If you want to put your home to work for you and make it slightly more passive, then joining a peer to peer storage community near you just may be the answer.

With HopperStock you can rent out any extra space around your home or property. Do you have some extra space in your garage? Perhaps you attic isn’t being used, or you might even have an entire shed or barn in your back yard that is available to rent out. These are all great choices to list for rent on a peer to peer storage community website such as HopperStock.

You simply choose which space you want to rent out. Then get it ready to list, using these four easy steps here. Take some flattering pictures of your space, and then list it for rent. It’s an easy process, and you could be making money off the extra space in your home in no time.

People all over your community are searching right now for someplace to store their extra gear. Perhaps they are getting ready to backpack Europe for the next three months and don’t want to fully give away all their possessions. Perhaps they are outdoor enthusiasts with plenty of extra summer gear but have run short of somewhere to store their items.

You could really help them out by opening up your extra space for rent. This will allow them to keep their extra stuff and store it somewhere safe.


There are so many ways you can make money using the space around your home. From renting to short term renters to renting out your garage for storage, the possibilities are endless.

If you are interested in opening your home to travelling guests then maybe some sort of vacation rental property is the answer for you.

But what if you don’t want someone staying in your home? Maybe you are a single mom with kids to worry about. Or maybe you are retired and just don’t want to deal with the hassle of cleaning your spare bedroom every Monday after your traveling guests leave.

If this is the case, maybe you should look into peer to peer storage instead. Check out ways you can start putting your home to work for you today.

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