A little bit of extra money never hurt anyone – what has hurt people, however, are scams that purportedly offer people a chance to make a boatload of money with the least amount of work. Some of these scams running as ideas not just steal your time and hard work but also your hard-earned money. Fortunately, there are some options that legitimately allow you to make money and one of them is renting your house as a storage space.

Renting your house as storage space is the simplest answer to the question, how can I make easy money. It is as simple as it sounds because the owner of the real estate doesn’t really have to work to make this extra money – all they need to do is to ensure that their real estate is fit enough to be used to store stuff. Of course, the more a person knows about space management, the more money they can make by renting out their space in the house.

Your Step By Step Tutorial on How to Rent Out Your House as Storage in Ohio

  • Your first step towards financial freedom with storage is to ensure that all the legalities are taken care of.
  • Make sure that your ideas are clear of zoning laws and other laws pertaining to residence and business. For example, if you are a tenant, you’d need to first get the permission of your landlord about renting out your space, which actually belongs to the landlord.
  • Make sure all confirmations are obtained in writing. No verbal corroborations.
  • Once that’s done, it’s time to decide what place in the house would fetch maximum outputs for your storage space business.
  • Once you’ve identified the space, you need to figure out the kind of business you are looking to rent it out to, e.g., startup office, parking area, co-working space, storage space, etc.
  • You would also need to spruce up the place. For example, if the designated storage space requires some painting, do it. Maybe add some racks to help you with the smaller storage packages, etc.
  • You then need to prepare contacts could be your first clients and reach out to them.
  • One place to look for such clients is Hopperstock, a website that’s entirely dedicated to enabling people to look for storage space clients.
  • Once done, click on the Add Unit Tab to provide your basic information like Unit Name, Unit Description, Unit address, Unit images, Unit Size etc.
  • Also mention the type of income you are expecting weekly, monthly, etc., and the dates for which the unit is going to be available for renting out.
  • Hit the create unit after carefully entering all the information required.
  • To check your listing, you can go to the Shop page or Active Units in Host Dashboard.
  • Registering your garage on Hopperstock.com helps you easily find tenants for renting out your garage space without putting any extra efforts.
  • So here’s how you can set up your Hopperstock account:

    • Go to the website hopperstock.com on your web browser.
    • Create an account, either the traditional email/username and password way or log in with your Facebook account.
    • Select the option Host from the drop-down box as your Role and hit the Update Button.

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